Roland MIDI PK-9 Pedal Board

Musikmesse 2012Roland introduced the PK-9 Pedal Keyboard, a MIDI pedalboard for organists.

The PK-9 features 20 velocity-sensitive pedal keys and an integrated expression pedal. It’s designed to work with instruments such as Roland’s Atelier, Combo, and Classic series organs, but will also work with other MIDI devices.


  • 20 pedal keys respond to playing dynamics.
  • Three different touch settings allow the user to tailor the key response to their individual playing style.
  • An onboard expression pedal provides volume control. Footswitches on either side of the pedal’s toe allow the player to control organ functions such as rotary speed without taking their foot off the pedal or hands off the keys.
  • Three additional footswitches are also provided—one as a dedicated piano-style sustain pedal, and two others that can be freely assigned to control numerous functions on Roland organs or other MIDI devices.
  • A seven-segment display lets users program functions directly on the PK-9.
  • MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU jacks are provided on the rear panel, as well as a jack for an assignable external pedal dedicated to additional controls like pitch bender up or down, cutoff, half damper, etc.
  • A PK OUT connector allows for a single-cable connection to Roland organs such as the ATELIER Combo AT-350C and VK-88; when connected in this fashion, power is provided to the PK-9 from the organ.

The PK-9 Pedal Keyboard will be available in late spring. Pricing is TBA.

U-He Diva Hardware Skunkworks Prototype (Sneak Preview)

In addition to the official introductions at Musikmesse 2012, there were, as always, sneak previews of products that aren’t shipping and even some prototypes of things that may or may not ever ship.

This video, via Sonic State, captures a very early preview of a ‘skunkworks’ prototype of a U-He Diva hardware controller. Don’t miss the aluminum foil & Saran wrap action!

The Best Of Musikmesse, The 2012 MIPA Awards

Musikmesse 2012: For the 13th time, representatives from more than 100 magazines, from all over the world, have gathered at Musikmesse to select their picks for the best musical instruments and audio equipment of the last year.

The Musikmesse International Press Award (MIPA) were awarded at a ceremony held Thursday, March 22nd, 2012.

Here are the awards given in the Keyboards & Software categories:

  • Synthesizer Hardware – Roland Jupiter-80
  • Stage Piano – Clavia Nord Piano 2
  • Keyboard Workstation – Korg Kronos
  • Controller Keyboard – Akai MAX49
  • Software Instruments – Native Instruments Komplete 8
  • Organ/Portable Keyboard – Hammond SK-Series
  • Live Perfomance Tool – Native Instruments Maschine

A complete list of winners is available at the MIPA Awards site.

What do you think of the experts’ ‘Best of’ list? And what did you think were the most interesting new introductions?

Studio Logic Sledge Polyphonic Synth At Musikmesse 2012

YouTube Preview Image

The Studio Logic Sledge synthesizer made its Musikmesse debut this week.

The Sledge is a new polyphonic keyboard, based on Waldorf’s sound engine.

Here’s a quick demo, from the Musikmesse show floor, that highlights the Sledge’s user interface, synthesis capabilities and offers an intro to the new synth’s sound.

Details are available at the StudioLogic site.

via sonicstate

Evo Touch Sensitive Keyboard Gets Evosizer Synthesizer

Evo keyboard polyphonic aftertouch

Musikmesse 2012: The Endeavour Evo Keyboard, described as the ‘worlds first keyboard with touch sensitive keys’, now has a synthesizer, Evosizer.

The Evo keyboard is unique in that it has capacitive touch sensors for each key. This means it can read your fingers’ movement on top of a key’s surface. So, in addition to pitch and velocity, the Evo adds a third layer of polyphonic data input.

The Evosizer is designed specifically to work with the unique expressive capabilities of the keyboard and can translate the movement of your fingers, toward or away from the keyboard, into changes in the synthesized sound.

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Iosono Intros Anymix Surround Mixing Plugin For Mac & Windows

Iosono has introduced Anymix, a surround mixing plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Anymix offers a variety of features for surround mixing for post-production, broadcast, music and game sound design.

Anymix can be used to convert any input setup from mono to 8.1 to any output format from stereo to 8.1. In addition, the included surround panning mode offers deep control of channel positioning within the surround field.

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Studio Electronics Boomstar – Four New Analog Synths Under $900

Studio Electronics today introduced the Boomstar family of synthesizers – four new analog synths, each priced at $899.

The four synths share a common 2-oscillator analog synth architecture. The synth is offered, though, with four different filter types:

  • 4075-classic Arp 2600
  • 5089-classic Moog 24db ladder
  • SEM-classic Oberheim 12db
  • 303-classic Roland TB.

SE calls the Boomstar “the ultimate desktop analog synthesizer for those who remember the electronic analog sound”.

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Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard Lets You Do Live Vocal Synthesis

YouTube Preview Image

Yamaha has created a unique synthesizer, Vocaloid Keyboard, which is designed for real-time vocal synthesis using Vocaloid.

The proof-of-concept keyboard is optimized for entering Japanese characters with one hand. It has 16 buttons, for consonants, vowels, and the two types of voicing marks. The user enters those with the left hard, while playing notes with the right. This makes it possible to synthesize singing using the hardware alone.

The entered text and the pronounced text are shown in katakana on the LED display, so you can check that the content played is correct. There are also three parameter knobs, which you can use to adjust the vocal sound.

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