Keith McMillen Instruments’ K-Mix: a closer look

K-Mix_whitebg_rightsideforward_02 After being previewed at The NAMM Show last winter, Keith McMillen Instruments’ new mixer / audio interface / MIDI controller, the K-Mix, began shipping last week.

We got to see an early K-Mix prototype at the 2015 Winter NAMM, but Synthtopia staff won’t have a chance to see the finished version of the product until later this week at the 2016 NAMM Show.

In the meantime, author and research engineer Gina Collecchia has had a recent extended opportunity to check out and work with the K-Mix.  She offered to share her impressions and findings with Synthtopia readers:

“The K-Mix mixer by Keith McMillen Instruments is an innovative mixing interface, with a lot of features.
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Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix Audio Interface, Control Surface & Programmable Mixer Now Available


Keith McMillen Instruments has announced that the K-MIX, a new Mac OS X-compatible audio interface and programmable mixer, is now available.

The K-Mix looks different than other mixers and it’s because KMI founder Keith McMillen wanted a mixer that was different than the mixers that were available. “I needed a very special mixer that did not exist,” explains McMillen, “a fully-programmable, MIDI-controlled, ultra-high-quality portable mixer.”

“Not having a mixer that could do all of this, when wanting to play live in a group without a sound man, was heartbreaking,” adds McMillen. “K-MIX had to be capable of tying all of my needs together — from live inputs to USB interfaces — to then operate as a fully-programmable stage mixer.”

The K-Mix is ‘not your grandma’s mixer’, according to KMI.  It has no moving parts, so it can be used as a portable mixer, without the fear of snapping off a fader or knob, while still giving you top audio quality, mixer functionality and control. Continue reading

Roland Releases SH-101 Plug-Out Software Synth at 2015 Summer NAMM Show

Roland_SH-101_Plug-Out_Software_Synthesizer2015 Summer NAMM Show: Roland today introduced the SH-101 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer.

It was previously introduced as a ‘Plug-Out’ synth for the Roland System-1 hardware synth and is now available for purchase as a software synth.

Like its hardware counterpart, the new SH-101 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer is a reproduction of Roland’s iconic SH-101 monophonic synth from the 1980s, down to the details and odd quirks that make the original one of the most popular classic synthesizers of all time.

Based on Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, the new soft synth recreates the behavior of the analog circuitry underlying the original’s synth engine. Included are classic SH-101 synth sounds — bass, lead, noise, and sound effects. The SH-101 Plug-Out software synth also adds reverb, chorus, delay and crusher effects that were not included in the original. Continue reading

Roland Intros System-1 Software Synth At 2015 Summer NAMM Show

Roland_SYSTEM-1_software_synthesizer2015 Summer NAMM Show: Roland has announced the System-1 Software Synthesizer, a software version of the AIRA System-1 synth.

The System-1 Software Synthesizer with Librarian features many of the same functions as the hardware System-1/1m version. It offers the same sound quality as its hardware counterpart, making it ideal for musicians who either work solely in the software world, or who are considering the hardware version and would like to audition it first. In addition, based on popular user request from the hardware version, the Librarian software has been expanded to now include 64 patches. Continue reading

Open Mic: What Do You Want To See Introduced At This Year’s NAMM Show?


The 2014 NAMM Show kicks off next week – and you know what that means: tons of new gear, some vaporware, booth babes, NAMM weirdness and ‘game changers’.

The NAMM Show is where many companies make their biggest gear and software announcements of the year.

We’ll be on site in Anaheim, CA next week bringing you the news from the show. In the meantime, what are you hoping to see introduced at this year’s NAMM Show?