NanoStudio Adds AudioBus Support

nano-studio-audiobusDeveloper Blip Interactive has updated NanoStudio, adding AudioBus support and more.

Here’s what’s new in NanoStudio 1.4:

  • Audiobus support for input (sampling) and output (main mix)
  • Virtual MIDI inputs for note and controller data
  • MIDI input transpose
  • 4 extra banks for your Eden presets
  • Fixed ’empty sample’ bug when pasting from some Waldorf apps

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Free Nanostudio Soundbanks

Platinum AudioLab has released a free collection of soundbanks for NanoStudio, Nanostudio Eden / TRG Soundbanks (iOS).

Here’s what they have to say about it:

We are huge fans of the versatile iOS daw app “Nanostudio” by Blip Interactive. As a way of saying “thanks” and to give something back to the community, we are offering our custom soundbanks exclusively for Nanostudio iPhone and iPad users.

We have taken patches from some of our top-selling products and adapted them for use in Nanostudio’s EDEN synthesizer/sampler, as well as custom drum kits for the TRG-16 mpc styled drum machine that both come with Nanostudio. Also included is a Dubstep demo track completely composed using these sounds and loadable in Nanostudio.

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Open Mic: What Are Your Favorite Music Apps For iOS?

YouTube Preview Image

Open Mic: This video captures Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess demoing his favorite music apps for iOS, including: Magellan, Tachyon, Cassini, Nlog, Cylon Voice, Garage Band, Geo Synthesizer, DrumJam, NanoStudio, SynthX, VoiceSynth, BitWiz, SpaceWiz, Animoog, iDensity, iKaossilator, PixiTracker, TC-11, MorphWiz and SampleWiz.

What are your favorite music apps for iOS?

NanoStudio Now Available For Mac – For Free

Blip Interactive has released a Mac OS X version of its popular iOS virtual studio, NanoStudio.

Better yet – it’s free!

Key Features:

  • NanoStudio has virtual analogue synths, sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and multiple effects all integrated into a single application.
  • Record your ideas in real time, mix synth layers with samples, compose and arrange your tune using the sequencer and bring the mix alive with effects such as reverb, compression and EQ.
  • You can transfer projects between your OS X or Windows computer and your iOS device, or use NanoStudio’s audio mixdown options and export features to get your ideas over to your favourite desktop DAW.

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NanoStudio Updated With iPad Support & More


Blip Interactive has announced a big update to NanoStudio, adding iPad support and more.

Here’s what’s new in NanoStudio 1.3 (Universal):


  • Universal iPad version
  • Free desktop version now supports window sizing
  • Added extra musical scales to keyboard
  • Increased size limit for a single sample to 32MB
  • Ability to slide the keyboard by fractions of a note
  • Mixer mute/solo
  • Improved bottom range of mixer volume faders
  • Double tap on mixer channel title to go to instrument
  • Double tap on ‘centre zero’ knobs to return to centre
  • Added ability to tap song position on status bar to toggle between bars and hours/minutes
  • Added indicator to main menu to show the last selected instrument
  • Update to latest Akai SynthStation library
  • Added ‘Mix audio with other apps’ option to allow iTunes music background play (iOS)
  • Added buffer latency settings (iOS)
  • Automatic normalization is now optional after sampling or resampling
  • Added an ‘add effect’ button to empty effects slots
  • Changed TRG behaviour to allow drags across pads
  • Added load/save effects chain to the effects select dialogue
  • Song editor – vertical zoom
  • Song editor – mute/solo buttons can be swiped vertically
  • Song editor – added MIDI activity indicators to each track
  • Song editor – parts on muted tracks are shown in grey
  • MIDI file and .nsp file export dialogues now have a ‘show file’ button (Windows/OS X)


  • Buzzing sound on Eden ring mod when phase was non-zero
  • TRG-16’s ‘auto BPM’ function was sometimes inaccurate
  • Possible fix for OS X not enumerating some MIDI input devices
Note: NanoStudio 1.3 has been submitted but isn’t showing up as of this post in the App Store.

NanoStudio Update Coming To Mac, Windows

Blip Interactive has announced that an update to the virtual studio NanoStudio is coming to Mac & WIndows and is now available in ‘alpha’ testing (not ready for prime time).

Here are the details:

You can download them from here:

Download NanoStudio V1.3 alpha-1 for Windows
Download NanoStudio V1.3 alpha-2 for OS X * Please read the notes in the second post (below)

The setup will install three shortcuts:

– NanoStudio
– NanoStudio Phone
– NanoStudio Tablet

The first one is the one you will normally want to run for ‘everyday’ use on your computer. It uses smaller graphics and a layout best suited to mouse operation.

The other two shortcuts will run NanoStudio in a mode which is representative of the phone and tablet versions. Although the window will start off at the same size as the respective device (either 480×320 or 1024×768), you are still free to resize it within certain limits.

This is an alpha version so there’s still plenty of testing and some further work to be done. The main reason for putting it out there now is to give everyone a chance to try it out. I hope this will result in some useful feedback and maybe help me spot a bug or two.

The project format is unchanged from V1.21 to you can use this instead of (or alongside) V1.21 without issues.