Amazing Machines Intros Colorful Noise For Reaktor Blocks

blk_colorful_noise_hiAmazing Machines has introduced Colorful Noise for Reaktor Blocks.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

A Noise Generator like no other, Colorful Noise can do much more than a standard Noise Generator. Earth Shaking Noise Sweeps, Modulated Noise, Tuned Noise, Chiptune Style Noise and Random LFO Speed Noise are so easy to achieve with Colorful Noise that you won’t believe your ears.

Colorful Noise also comes with a Builtin Output VCA, making the setup of complex patches fast and easy.

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Musicrow Intros Golden Ensembles 3 For Reaktor

Musicrow has released Golden Ensembles 3, a collection of 44 ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor 5.

Golden Ensembles 3 now includes the two ‘mega-synths’ Ebola and Cobra, the new Bass Lab bass machine, and many other synthesizers and instruments. In addition, it contains classic processor emulations like Crow Tape Echo and Plate Reverb, and unique sound design tools such as the new Sound Pilot, Executer, and White FX.

New ensembles in Golden Ensembles 3:

  • Sound Pilot is a new breed of audio tool that blurs the difference between a sound processor and a sound generator. It is not an effect. It is not a synthesizer. It’s both: a sound processor that produces synthesized effects!
  • Bass Lab 2 is a dedicated bass synthesizer that uses powerful oscillators, super fast envelopes, a transient shaper, a bass booster, extended distortion section and other special features -for the creation of a vast range of fat and punchy electronic bass sounds.
  • Analogica filter offers high quality analog filter emulation, with a distinctive warm character. It combines a very intuitive interface, with many useful extra features and modulation options.
  • Phase Lab is a special tool for phase correction and comb filtering elimination. It is also a great creative tool for sound shaping, where you can radically change the tonal color of your sound by changing its phase settings (Instead of using an equalizer).
  • Green Master Tape is a new ¼” tape machine emulator that brings the typical characteristics of analog tapes to your digital studio.

Other ensembles were deeply revised with new features, sonic improvements, a new GUI and many new presets and sounds.

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New Grid Sequencer For Native Instruments Reaktor

IceBreaker Audio has introduced Grid – a new 8×8 matrix sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor:

GRID is designed to be a sound sequencer, it is neither a drum machine nor a sequenced synthesizer, but some kind of hybrid of the two. GRID was designed to have no tabs and a single set of controls for the sound source.

GRID is a perfect addition for any style of music; it can be bent and twisted into a variety of sounds. It is open to be used in whatever context you wish to use it. From minimal techno, to ambient soundscapes; 8-bit chip tune to distorted glitches – GRID is what you make of it.


  • 8 voice sound sequencer controlled from an animated 8×8 grid
  • 42 presets with 4 patterns per preset (a total of 168 patterns)
  • Per voice pattern length
  • Analog and digital sound generation modes
  • 2 modulation step sequencers and an LFO
  • Filter and delay effects built in
  • “Glitch” controls to add chaos and noise
  • Automatic tempo-synchronization when used in a host
  • Preconfigured TouchOSC templates for iPad and iPhone

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Reaktor Monolite

YouTube Preview Image

Monolite is a new experimental noise/drone/fx Ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Technical info:

  • 4 sine oscillators +
  • tone cut filter + soft clipper saturation +
  • grainer unit (granular processing) +
  • fx unit with 17 different effects +
  • automizable X-Y controller for fx +
  • high-quality reverb.
  • Low CPU-usage

Note: The ensemble works best with Reaktor 5.6.1.

Monolite is priced at 10 € and is available via Nonorder.

Using An eeePC As A Cheap Computer Music Workstation

YouTube Preview Image

Andrey Gladkov demonstrates how he uses an eeePC netbook as a cheap computer workstation.

While a lot of musicians might dismiss netbook PCs as underpowered or limited, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for music. And, as shown here, they can be used to do some pretty crazy stuff.

Anybody else using netbook computers for music? If so, let us know what you’re doing in the comments! Continue reading

Native Instruments Reaktor Updated To Version 5.6

Native Instruments Reaktor

Native Instruments has updated Reaktor, a modular studio for Windows and Mac, to version 5.6.

It’s a fairly significant update, with a streamlined user interface, two new synthesis modules (additive and modal), a more powerful audio engine and improved documentation (yes!).

In addition, NI is including Electronic Instruments 1 & 2 with Reaktor now, along with the Lazerbass monophonic synthesizer.

Changes since version 5.5 include:

  • 64-bit support for Windows and Mac OSX.
  • Improved navigation concept.
  • Added ‘breadcrumb’ navigation to structure view.
  • Added searchbox to add modules.
  • New 800-page module reference manual.
  • Scrolling of structures with Alt+Drag over structure.
  • Added hide frame and transparency property to XY module.
  • Added drag copy to other structure view.
  • Recorder shows recorded time when recording.
  • Add abort function to file not found dialog on project recall.
  • Improved loading time for ensembles with many Send/Receive terminals.
  • PNG file support for picture modules.

Reaktor retails for US $399.

Three Free Reaktor Ensembles – Phadia, Bass One, Piky

YouTube Preview Image

Free Music Software: This is a preview of three Ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor from The Color Space:

  • Reaktor Phadia – a 4-osc atmospheric pad synth
  • Reaktor Bass One – a 3-osc bass synth
  • Reaktor Piky – 2-osc ‘pluck’ synth

The three Reaktor Ensembles are free downloads at The Color Space site.