Open Mic: What New Electronic Music Are You Listening To?

Open Mic: Reader Andy Hagerty wants to know “What new Electronic Music are you listening to right now that you’d want to share with the Synthtopia readers?”.

Is it something from an artist that you think is under appreciated? Something new from an established artist? Something that you’re working on?

Leave a comment and let us know…..

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Serato DJ Intro

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Serato Audio Research has released Serato DJ Intro, a new DJ app designed to work with selected hardware controllers, available now as a free download.

The Serato DJ Intro video tells you pretty much nothing about the app – but it looks like it’s basically designed to be an entry-level version in Serato’s DJ software line, to be packaged with hardware controllers.  Continue reading

Novation UltraNova Review & Unboxing Video

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Composer Paul Baraka takes a look at the Novation UltraNova synthesizer.

The bulk of the review focuses on Novation UltraNova sounds – which offer a nice preview of what the synth is capable of. But Baraka also offers his take on some of the pros and cons of the UltraNova. Continue reading

New Multi-track Audio Editor For iOS, Hokusai (Video Preview)

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Developer Woojijuice has announced Hokusai – a new multi-track audio editor for the iOS.

Here’s what they have to say about Hokusai:

Hokusai is a multi-track audio editor — like a word-processor for sound. It’s for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, subtly adjusting its interface to fit the different devices.

You can grab audio from a bunch of different sources — recording in to it, importing from various file types via USB or Dropbox, transferring recordings from Sylo Synth or other apps, using the built-in synth tools, and so on.

Then, you can chop and change to your heart’s content: select bits, cut and paste them around, apply all sorts of different filters, mix down tracks… the full version of Hokusai includes over 35 tools for munging audio.

When you’re happy with it, export to wave or AAC/M4A (MPEG4) format, again via USB or Dropbox or by sending it to other apps.

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The Eigenharp, Haken Continuum & LinnStrument – Three New Musical Instruments

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This is a follow up on the New Musical Instruments Tour, happening this week and next in San Francisco, CA.

This video, via SynthMeTV, captures the May 5th event at CCRMA, Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Audio (CCRMA).

Roger Linn hosted the New Musical Instruments Tour event:

  • The Eigenharp was demonstrated by Geert Bevin, Senior Software Developer from UK-based Eigenlabs.
  • The Continuum from Haken Audio, was demonstrated by Bay area pianist Ed Goldfarb.
  • Roger Linn lead the discussion and demonstrated the LinnStrument prototype.

It’s a long video, but, if you’re interested in new electronic instrument design, the discussion by Linn, Goldfarb and Bevin delivers the details.

Control Ableton Live With A Wireless iPad Keytar Thing

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VJ FranzK is back with a demonstration of his approach to controlling Ableton Live wirelessly, using his iPad Keytar thing – the Manataray – and the new Koushion iPad app.

World’s First iPad Keytar DJ Thing – Because Gadget Music Is The New Punk Rock!

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iPad Music Software: VJFranzK demonstrates his new iPad keytar DJ thang – the Mantaray iTar.

Because gadget music is the new punk rock! It’s prototype #1!

Check it out and let me know what you think about this interesting iPad keytar!