Open Mic: What Are Your Favorite Music Apps For iOS?

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Open Mic: This video captures Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess demoing his favorite music apps for iOS, including: Magellan, Tachyon, Cassini, Nlog, Cylon Voice, Garage Band, Geo Synthesizer, DrumJam, NanoStudio, SynthX, VoiceSynth, BitWiz, SpaceWiz, Animoog, iDensity, iKaossilator, PixiTracker, TC-11, MorphWiz and SampleWiz.

What are your favorite music apps for iOS?

Sequencing Software & Hardware With Genome Sequencer

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This is a quick tutorial, via jimmclaren1, that demonstrates his approach to MIDI sequencing both hardware and software synths using Genome Sequencer on the iPad.

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SoundPrism Pro 2.3 & The State Of iOS Music App Collaboration

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Audanika has released an update to SoundPrism Pro, its unique MIDI controller for iOS

SoundPrism Pro 2.3 adds support for Virtual CoreMIDI, which lets you make virtual MIDI connections within your iOS device. MIDI notes and controller data generated by SoundPrism Pro can now be sent to synthesizer apps running in the background.

This is an outgrowth of the recently announced Open Music App Collaboration Manifesto. In less than a month since we published news of the Manifesto, developers have embraced the idea of Virtual CoreMIDI connections. This is making it possible to use multiple iOS music apps together, as demonstrated above.

SoundPrism Pro 2.3 is a free update. Note that you need the “Pro” version of SoundPrism to use these MIDI features.

Sneak Preview – Geo Synth Controlling NLogSynth PRO, Via Virtual MIDI Ports

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Remember the recent posts on the Open Music App Collaboration Manifesto, MIDI instruments on iOS & the future of iOS music?

The explosion of interest in developing ways of getting iOS music apps to work more effectively with each other is starting to pay off, with more and more apps supporting “virtual MIDI ports”. Virtual MIDI ports let you “patch together” synths and controller apps on a single multitasking device.

Here, mvpadrini demonstrates two iOS apps working together, Rob Fielding & Kevin Chartier Geo Synth and Rolf Wohrmann’s NLogSynth Pro.

Note that this is a sneak preview of upcoming versions of the two apps. 

iPhone + iPad NLog Synth MIDI Jam

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Jordan Rudess and Richard Lainhart do a little Berlin School meets prog synth jam.

Tech Details: Tempo Rubato’s NLog Synth MIDI, running on an iPhone and an iPad, controlled with MIDI keyboards running through Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer interface.


Jordan Rudess Checks Out The Line 6 Midi Mobilizer + NLog Midi Synth

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Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess tests out the combintation of the Line 6 Midi Mobilizer and the NLog Midi Synth.

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