Moon Modular 6005 Teaser – Can You Guess What This Is?

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We’re heading into the 2012 NAMM Show, and you know what that means……teaser videos.

Moon Modular has a teaser for the “#6005”. We’ve got no idea what they’re introducing. But we’re pretty sure we want it and it’s out of our price range.

Any guesses?

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Musikmesse 2011 Sneak Preview – The Moon Modular M568A & M568P

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Here’s another sneak preview from Musikmesse 2011, which is coming up April 6th: a teaser for the Lunar Experience Moon Modular M568A and M568P, expansion modules for the M568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source., a Moog style über-sequencer.

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Gert Jalass Of Lunar Experience

Gert Jalass of Moon Modular

Gert Jalass of The Lunar Experience, creator of the Moon Modular synthesizer, at the 2011 NAMM Show.

Jalass came from Berlin to help demonstrate his Moon Modular creations at the Noisebug booth.

The Moon Modular is a collection of Moog style synth modules, with an emphasis on advanced control modules. Jalass’s module designs are very interesting, because he brings a lot of creative ideas to the classic modular format.

New this year are Jalass’s Quad Voltage Controlled Gate Delay and the Quad Sequential Trigger Source.

Details are available at the Lunar Experience site.

2009 NAMM Preview: Noisebug

Pomona, California’s NoiseBug has announced its plans for the 2009 NAMM Show. 

It will be featuring demos of the Buchla 2003 system, along with the new 285e Frequency Shifter. 

In addition, it will be showing Plan B’s Mini Milton Sequencer, Triple Digital VCO, Control Attenuator, Vector Plotter and the Plan B Performance System.

NoiseBug Hopes To Serve Your Arcane & Twisted Synth Needs

NoiseBug is a new retail and online store, brought to you by Plan B’s Peter Grenader, that offers an unusual array of synth goodness.

“We are arcane musical gear gleaming with forgotten gems of yesteryear and highlights of our present time,” explains Grenader. “Here you will find drum machines, keyboards, effects and other misc odds and ends of the musical world. We buy and sell used gear as well as new. Plus the unusual and bountiful in house assembly of Plan B modular synthesizers.”

Store Info:

252A South Main St
Pomona CA 91766
(909) 622-4556

It looks like Noisebug may become a new Mecca for synth freaks. If you’re in the Pomona area, stop by Noisebug and let me know what you think.

Check out their list of specials, too.