Spectrasonics Releases AAX Versions Of Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus RMX

spectrasonics-aaxSpectrasonics today released AAX Public Beta versions of its three virtual instruments – Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus RMX – for Avid’s new Pro Tools 11. Registered users of the Spectrasonics instruments can log into their user accounts to download the Public Beta versions.

The new versions are available at no charge to registered users to test with the new 64-bit version of Pro Tools. Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus RMX are all native 64-bit software instruments, designed to work with Pro Tools 11 on both OS X and Windows. Continue reading

Diego Stocco – Wired For Sound

WIred has published a set of videos from the Wired 2012 conference, including this talk by musician and sound designer Diego Stocco.

Stocco is familiar to many Synthtopia readers for his sound design work for Omnisphere and his inspirational sound design video songs. The video captures his full talk from the conference, in which he discusses the relationship of waves to music, his instrument inventions and making music from a tree.

“I want to live in a future,” notes Stocco, “with more music that will surprise me.”

Martyn Ware Creates 2012 Olympic Soundscape On London’s Millenium Bridge

Martyn Ware - the synth guru who founded The Human League, B.E.F. and Heaven 17 – has created a unique new work to celebrate the 2012 Olympics.

Tales From The Bridge is a 3D soundscape collaboration covering the length of the Millennium Bridge in London. The piece was commissioned by the Mayor of London to launch at the start of the London 2012 Olympics, and will run until the end of September.

“We’ve been working for quite a few months now on creating the most amazing installation, which is going to be on the Millenium Bridge during the Olympics,” explains Ware.  “It’s called Tales From The Bridge, which is a combination of ambient sound and an electronic soundscape which we composed together with a fantastic poetic kind of magic realist overlay of spoken word in three dimensions, which is going to be drifting across the bridge.”

The video features an interview with Ware about the piece and a behind the scenes look at its creation.

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Spectrasonics’ Eric Persing Releases 78 OmniSphere Patches To Honor Bob Moog’s 78th Birthday

In honor of the anniversary of Bob Moog’s 78th birthday, Spectrasonics has released 78 new Omnisphere patches for the Bob Moog Tribute Library.

The new ‘birthday’ patches were created by Spectrasonics founder Eric Persing. With the new patches, the tribute library now features over 800 sounds for Omnisphere.

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iPad 3, Seline HD, Omni TR & AudioTool Sketch On Sonic Touch

YouTube Preview Image

Speculation about the iPad 3, Seline HD, Omni TR and AudioTool Sketch for Android are the topics on the latest episode of Sonic Touch, featuring Gaz Williams and Nick Batt of Sonic State.

Microtonal Isometric Omnispheric Jingle Bells

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth JamCarlos Serafini performs a microtonal version of Jingle Bells, using his Opal Chameleon isometric MIDI keyboard.

Technical details:

Opal Chameleon sending MIDI data, through Disarray, to M and, from there, to Spectrasonics Omnisphere, through Logic Pro.

The tuning system is Carlos Alpha.

See Serafini’s blog for details.