EigenD – A Free and Open Music Performance Environment

This video, via developer Geert Bevin, is an introduction to EigenD – a general purpose music performance environment.

While EigenD was developed for using with the Eigenlabs Eigenharp, it’s grown into a free, open source performance platform, for all digital music instruments and controllers. Continue reading

New Arduino Synth, Synthino (Sneak Preview)


Synthino is a new Arduino-based synthesizer, a collaboration between two Minneapolis-based DIY kit makers (nootropic & GetLoFi) and members of TC Maker, a non-profit Minnesota based organization focused on growing the maker community.

The Synthino is designed to be powerful, compact, low-cost and hacker-friendly. Continue reading

The AirHarp Ultrasonic Digital Autoharp Is Like The Theremin Of Harps


Developer Peter DeSimone has announced a Kickstarter project to develop a production version of the AirHarp – an open-source ultrasonic digital autoharp MIDI controller that’s sort of like the theremin of harps.

The AirHarp responds to hand gestures and translates them into MIDI. You play the AirHarp by moving your hand through the air, ‘strumming’ virtual harp strings much like a theremin player controls pitch by the position of her hand. You can control which strings are playable using the fingers of the hand that holds the AirHarp.

The AirHarp is open source, based on Arduino, and DeSimone provides instructions for building a DIY version on his site. The Kickstarter project goal is to build production AirHarps in large enough volume to get the price of pre-assembled AirHarp instruments down to US $100 each.

Here’s DeSimone introducing the AirHarp and how to use it: Continue reading

CONTACT Turns Any Table Into A Musical Instrument


CONTACT is an experimental tangible audio interface, designed to manipulate and visualize sounds generated from interaction with a simple tabletop.

Any physical contact with the table generates acoustic vibrations, which are manipulated and visualized, in realtime. Here’s a preview of CONTACT in action: Continue reading

MeeBlip anode Bass Synth Is Cheap, Open Source And Pretty Bad-Ass Sounding


Canadian electronics company Blipsonic and Berlin-based website Create Digital Music have introduced their latest joint venture, the MeeBlip anode – a compact bass synth, complete with an analog filter.

The anode is a hybrid analogue/digital instrument, featuring digital pulse oscillators with pulse width control – based on those found in the original MeeBlip – alongside a three-stage envelope, a LFO and an all-analogue filter with resonance control.

As with the original MeeBlip, the anode is open source, and users are encouraged to learn from and experiment with its code and circuits. The anode comes fully pre-assembled, however, and is ready for use straight out the box.

According to its developers, the MeeBlip anode is “capable of producing a range of uniquely aggressive, bass-heavy sounds.”

Does it deliver? Check out these audio demos and let us know what you think: Continue reading