Pacemaker Mobile DJ Device Reincarnated As An iPad App, But Gimp Suits Left Behind

pacemaker-gimp-suitIn 2007, the Tonium Pacemaker – described as the “world’s first portable DJ system’ – was introduced at the 2007 Sónar music festival in Barcelona.

It was an interesting device – it offered a 120 GB hard drive, dedicated jacks for line out and headphones and support for most digital DJing techniques.

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Tonium Intros Community Site For Pacemaker Users

Tonium Pacemaker

Tonium, the makers of the Pacemaker pocket-sized DJ system, has announced the launch of, a social networking site for Pacemaker users.

The Pacemaker music community allows members to upload and legally share the mixes of their music, created by them using a Pacemaker or the free Pacemaker Editor software.

According to Tonium, it’s the only company in the world to be allowed to legally stream any music uploaded to its site by users. This is due to a unique licensing agreement with music rights societies, STIM ( and IFPI (

The site is actually not limited to Pacemaker owners. Anyone can use the Pacemaker Editor; a free, downloadable PC and MAC compatible application that lets you play music and create mixes.

Put A DJ System In Your Pants

Tonium Pacemaker

Tonium Laboratories has released Pacemaker, the world’s first professional pocket-sized DJ system.

Yep – now you can put a dj system in your pants.

Pacemaker allows two tracks to be played simultaneously and boasts all the functionality of a full, professional DJ set up. The intelligent software will automatically work out the BPMs (beats per minute) of each of your tracks, enabling you to quickly learn to match the beats between two tracks and create a DJ mix. Pacemaker works with both PC and MAC and supports all the major audio formats including MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG and FLAC files.

Inventor of Pacemaker and founder of Tonium, Jonas Norberg comments, “We’re out to try something different; to bring people closer to the music they love and to let music lovers be creative with their passion. We aim to increase the diversity and reinforce the value of music by offering new means for people like us to creatively engage in what we love!”

Pacemaker will also offer the Pacemaker Editor to its users; a free, downloadable PC and Mac compatible computer application that allows you to play music and edit and create mixes. You can download mixes you have created from Pacemaker, or upload mixes to it from the Pacemaker Editor. You have complete freedom to be as forward thinking as you like with your music.

Pacemaker will also offer its users a community platform to legally share their saved DJ mixes. This music sharing platform is one of the foundations of the Pacemaker philosophy, to let people express and share their creativity and find inspiration from others. There is more to come on this innovation in the very near future…In the meantime, please welcome Pacemaker, the next step in the music interaction revolution.

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