The Jupiter III G Analog Percussion Synthesizer Is ‘Ballsier Than Before’

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Chamber of Sounds has introduced the Jupiter III G analog percussion synthesizer.

The Jupiter III analog percussion synth has a redesigned PCB, linear pots, a larger piezo pickup, and an LED power indicator. According to Chamber of Sounds, this makes it ‘ballsier than before’.

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Applied Acoustics Systems Intros Chromaphone Percussion Synthesizer

Applied Acoustics Systems has introduced Chromaphone, described as a ‘creative percussion synthesizer’ for Mac OS X and Windows.

Chromaphone combines ‘acoustic resonators’ to create drums, percussion, mallet, string, and synth-like instruments. Drum skins, bars, marimbas, plates, strings and tubes form pairs that are triggered by a configurable mallet and a flexible noise source.

At the heart of Chromaphone lies technology that models how vibrating objects interact and influence each other, capturing key acoustic behaviours of musical instruments. Continue reading

Korg Wavedrum – Official Product Introduction

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This is the official introduction video for the Korg Wavedrum.

Featuring performances by Peter Michael Escovedo, Efrain Toro, Jeff Campitelli, and Joe Russo of the Benevento/Russo Duo.

See the Korg site for more info.

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First Look – Image Line Drumatrix Percussion Synthesizer


Image Line Software has introduced Drumatrix – a percussion modeling instrument that gives you control over 10 physically modeled drums that can be routed to independent outputs for external effects processing.

It’s now in beta, so consider this info preliminary. Also, Image Line says that they may have to rename this to Drumaxx for legal reasons.

Key features:

  • 10 Physically modelled drum pads.
  • Multi-output for individual effects processing on each pad.
  • Huge range of modelling possibilities covering sounds from cymbals to kettle-drums.
  • Velocity modulation matrix for detailed expressiveness.
  • Integrated Stepsequencer with trigger-key playback.
  • Integrated effects.
  • Single-pad version ‘Drumpad’ available for tight integration with FL Studio Stepsequencer

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New Kits Let You Build Your Own Analog Drum Machines

Developer Eric Archer is now shipping his Andromeda MK-1 and MK-2 drum machines, DIY minimal drum machines “designed as an experiment of making the most minimal drum machine possible using analog circuitry”.

In the video above, Archer demonstrates the two new drum machines, how they can interact and how you can control them in real time.

The Andromeda MK-1 and MK-2 drum machines are available for $55 each as DIY kits. Continue reading

Korg Wavedrum Demo Videos

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Here are some official demo videos for the new Korg Wavedrum.

The Korg Wavedrum can be used as a stand-alone percussion instrument, or integrated into an existing drum kit or percussion rig. The Wavedrum uses a real drum head as the playing surface, providing an authentic and familiar feel. This allows the performer to employ sticks, brushes, mallets and/or traditional hand-drum techniques (mute, slap, bend, etc.) to play. Continue reading