Does Your DAW Have The Jitters?

Reader Geert Bevin has been doing some testing of DAWs to learn more about their MIDI performance. And based on his testing, some DAWs are more prone to MIDI ‘jitter’ than others:

Musicians using software instruments might be delivering sub-par performances and not even know why. Many popular plugin hosts introduce MIDI jitter at the final step, causing the timing to be subtly off during live performance. Read why this is happening and which hosts to avoid in this article.

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KOELSE Documentary – Making Music From Junk

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KOELSE is a documentary is about four young men, who form a group called Association of Experimental Electronics (KOELSE). They gather electronic devices that others throw away and build musical instruments and art installations from this “waste”:

Their opinion of music, fun and the culture of consuming differs from the masses. What others see as a worthless piece of junk is valuable technology for them. Their whole idea is based on the idea of reusing this garbage.

KOELSE is not really a band, it´s also not really an art community. It´s more like a way of life that relies on working together and using the old technology again.

According to the group, their opinion of music, fun and the culture of consuming differs from the masses. What others see as a worthless piece of junk is valuable technology for them. Their whole idea is based on the idea of reusing this ‘garbage’.

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How To Set Up Orphion For Live Performance

Developer Bastus Trump sent word of a new tutorial video for Orphion, above, that demonstrates how you can customize the app interface for live performance.

Orphion is an software synth and MIDI controller for the iPad that’s designed to translate various types of touch into musical expression. It’s available for $4.99 in the App Store.

Is Bitwig Studio The Next Ableton Live?

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Here’s something we weren’t expecting – developers at Bitwig, a Berlin music startup, have introduced a new music performance and production system, Bitwig Studio.

Bitwig Studio is in development and officially ‘coming soon’ – but it already looks familiar. Sort of what you’d expect Ableton Live 9 to look like……

Which isn’t too far-fetched, since Bitwig was actually founded by some former Ableton employees.

Here are the features for this new live performance and production DAW:

  • Multitrack recording – Record and produce your music in an intuitive workflow. Bitwig Studio’s arranger is a mix of editing power, ease of use and flexibility.
  • Arranger clip launcher – A non-linear environment that lets you trigger clips in real-time.
  • Mixer clip launcher – An alternative view of the clip launcher aligned with the mixer, optimized for live performance and DJing
  • Generic tracks – Tracks accept any kind of material. Audio and notes can live on the same track. You can bounce note clips to audio in place.
  • Clip automation – In addition to traditional track automation, automation can also be recorded and packaged inside clips, both on the clip launcher and the arranger.
  • Per-note automation – Pitch variations can be applied to individual notes directly in the piano roll. You can also edit a note’s panning, timbre and volume curves.
  • Simultaneous multitrack editing – Edit contents of multiple tracks together. You can see them all juxtaposed and isolate only the ones you want to edit
  • Multiple audio events per clip – An audio clip can contain multiple audio events. You can chop and edit audio files inside a clip non-destructively and loop it all as a package.
  • Real-time time stretching – Bitwig Studio’s proprietary technology lets you match any audio material to the document tempo and get everything in sync.
  • ‘World-class’ sound devices
  • Device nesting – Devices can contain other devices, and the whole package can be saved as a preset. Many of preset instruments and effects use nesting in new and powerful ways.
  • 32/64 bit VST support – Use your VST plug-ins. In case of a plug-in crash, a protective mechanism prevents the application from crashing and you from losing your work.
  • Metadata-based browser – Find your musical material quickly. Add tags and search by content type.
  • Open multiple documents – Exchange musical material between documents. Drag and drop, copy and paste back and forth.
  • Multi-monitor support – Bitwig Studio offers flexible screensets to take full advantage of your monitor configuration
  • ‘Slick’ user interface – Bitwig Studio’s user interface has been designed with the goal of making your music creation experience ‘fun and intuitive’.

These are the key features for Bitwig 1.0. Can you find the things that you can’t currently do in Ableton Live?

Bitwig has several more interesting features under development. These are planned for a later release:

  • LAN multi-user jamming – Multiple users can jam on the same document, and everything can be captured in the document’s arrangement
  • Multi-user music production over the internet – Multiple users can compose music on the same document from different locations. Bitwig Studio keeps everything in sync.
  • Native modular system – Create your own instruments and effects or modify existing ones. Design their appearance and share them with the world.

Check out the demo and features for Bitwig Studio and let us know what you think of it. Could it give Ableton Live some competition?

Midnight Ambient Performance

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s synth jam for the ambient / Berlin School fans, Midnight Ambient Performance 6 (11-11-26), via Loomeer305.

Sample Lab For iPad 1.5 Virtual MIDI Sync (Sneak Preview)

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This is a sneak preview of Sample Lab for iPad 1.5 w/ virtual MIDI sync:

This is a beta demo of version 1.5 due out with iOS5.

Virtual MIDI lets you sync the tempo of two apps simultaneously on the same iPad.

Sample Lab 1.5 also adds time stretch, per-beat panning and per-beat start/stop/loop selection.

via SampleLabApp

Tegan & Sara Do ‘Living Room’ In The Moog Sound Lab

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The music of Tegan & Sera isn’t overtly electronic, but this live performance from the Moog Sound Lab showcases how they make use of the Moog Guitar, Etherwave theremin and Taurus 3 bass synthesizer.

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Kebu’s The Lunar Effect (Yamaha S30 demo)

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Sunday Synth Jam: This video works on several levels: as a synth jam, as an exploration of the capabilities of the Yamaha S30 synthesizer and as a tutorial on arranging a track with a MIDI sequencer.

All sounds come from the Yamaha S30. Technical details below.  Continue reading