Wham Bam Thank You NAMM – 2010 NAMM Show After Hours Event

wham-bam-thank-you-nammWham Bam Thank You NAMM – an after hours event at the 2010 NAMM Show – will be held Friday, January 15th from 8pm-4am.

The event will feature performances by:

  • John Tejada
  • Richard Devine
  • Deru
  • Laura Escudé
  • Scott Pagano
  • CPU
  • Kero
  • Acid Circus
  • Derek Michael
  • Baseck
  • Eezir
  • DJ Modesty
  • Trifonic
  • DJ G Ov
  • Moldover
  • Henry Strange
  • Peter Kirn
  • John von

A music technology discussion and panel will also be held from 8pm-10pm, with Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music.

More details here.

INFORMATION LINE: 213.915.6120
251 Main St
Los Angeles, CA

Free MP3 Monday Madness

AnalogSuicide’s Tara Busch has started a new project, Free MP3 Monday, to highlight great indie electronic music. Here’s what she’s got in mind:

Use the wonderful audio file sharing network, Soundcloud.com to send me your MP3s. The Soundcloud.com Dropbox is on the top left of Analogsuicide. Click there, follow the instructions for uploading your file.

I will post my pick of the URLs on Twitter and Analogsuicide.com for people to listen to & scoop up as they please. Note: the more drenched in bleeping, blipping, screeching, trippy, synth – drenched loveliness, the better!

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