Modartt Releases Pianoteq 5 Virtual Piano

pianoteq-v5-bigModartt has released Pianoteq 5, the latest version of their virtual piano instrument for Linux, Mac OS X & Windows

Here’s what they have to say about the new version:

We have devoted two years of research to developing and refining the award-winning Pianoteq physical model. Pianoteq 5 brings a new clarity and authenticity to the piano sound. Moreover, it offers no less than 9 new piano models, and sound recording is taken to a higher level of control with the addition of directional microphones, letting you choose from a range of well-known microphone brands.

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Modartt Releases Pianoteq Version 2.0.1

PianoteqModartt has released Pianoteq v2.0.1.

This update offers multi-core rendering which vastly improves CPU performance on dual-core and hyper threaded Pentium 4. With this update, Modartt also release a Receptor-compatible version.

Complete list of changes in 2.0.1:

  • Multi-core rendering
  • Receptor compatibility
  • Fixed parameter automation
  • Stand-alone: output channel selection for ASIO sound cards
  • Stand-alone: fixed wav export bug
  • Stand-alone: added ‘clear menu’ entry in the recent files menus
  • Stand-alone: metronome volume now adjustable


Modartt Introduces Pianoteq Version 2

PianoteqMusicmesse: Modartt has announced Pianoteq version 2, offering a new soundboard model, a vastly improved piano sound, and a stand-alone version.

New features:

  • Stand-alone version
  • Microtuning
  • Lid position
  • Pan slider
  • Key release velocity
  • MIDI controllers assignment
  • Smooth adjustment of parameters during play
  • Two strings in the bass – PIANOTEQ makes everything possible

New soundboard model for greater realism:

With the newly developed soundboard model, the piano sound is now mature and has a great acoustic realism throughout all ranges of the keyboard. Continue reading