Korg Monotribe Mod – Control Voltage Pitch Control

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The Monotribe mods are starting to come hot and heavy.

Monomodder put  together a demo video and blog post on using a step sequencer to control a Korg Monotribe.

Adding an 8-step sequencer to the Monotribe may not be the most useful mod – but it’s the idea that counts.

We’re looking forward to the ultimate ‘Monotribe Modular’ mod! Continue reading

New Multi-track Audio Editor For iOS, Hokusai (Video Preview)

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Developer Woojijuice has announced Hokusai – a new multi-track audio editor for the iOS.

Here’s what they have to say about Hokusai:

Hokusai is a multi-track audio editor — like a word-processor for sound. It’s for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, subtly adjusting its interface to fit the different devices.

You can grab audio from a bunch of different sources — recording in to it, importing from various file types via USB or Dropbox, transferring recordings from Sylo Synth or other apps, using the built-in synth tools, and so on.

Then, you can chop and change to your heart’s content: select bits, cut and paste them around, apply all sorts of different filters, mix down tracks… the full version of Hokusai includes over 35 tools for munging audio.

When you’re happy with it, export to wave or AAC/M4A (MPEG4) format, again via USB or Dropbox or by sending it to other apps.

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Pitch To MIDI Tracker AutoTunes Your Theremin

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Stephen Mobley, who previously put together an impressive DIY laser harp project, has a new pitch to MIDI tracker that lets you AutoTune your theremin.

But, while the pitch tracking interface was originally created to add MIDI capability to a Vacuum Tube Theremin, it can also be the basis for a whole range of different electronic instruments.

The device is able to track both pitch and volume from its audio inputs and output a stream of realtime MIDI data that reproduces the sound using a MIDI equipped synthesizer.

Mobley sells the project documentation at his site. PCBs for the Pitch to MIDI Tracker are also available. Continue reading

Learn How To Shred Guitar On Your Synthesizer

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Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, Torley offers his tips and tricks on “guitar shredding” with your synth keyboard.

He touches on Iron butterfly, Jan Hammer, violin lessons, arpeggios, Scorpions, whammy bars and more along the way!

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