Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms, ‘The Next Generation Of Modular Synthesis’


Pittsburgh Modular today officially introduced the Lifeforms Modular – a new line of Eurorack modules that they describe as ‘the next generation of modular synthesis’.

The Lifeforms Modular is based around two modules, the SV-1 Analog Modular Synthesizer & the KB-1 Pressure Sensitive Keyboard Controller. The modules can be used individually, together as a pair, or as part of a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Here’s the Lifeforms Modular intro video: Continue reading

2016 NAMM Show Sneak Preview: The Lifeforms Modular

Experimenting with Lifeforms. #eurorack #synth

A video posted by Pittsburgh Modular (@pghmodular) on

2016 NAMM Show: Pittsburgh Modular today shared several short videos on Instragram, offering a sneak preview of the Lifeforms Modular synthesizer modules.  Continue reading

An Interview With Pittsburgh Modular Founder Richard Nicol

richard-nicol-pittsburgh-modular-drum-machineIf you’ve into Eurorack modular synthesizers, you’re probably familiar with Pittsburgh Modular, which makes both individual modules and complete systems.

In the latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast, host Darwin Grosse interviews Pittsburgh Modular founder Richard NicolContinue reading

Pittsburgh Modular Intros Game System Module Step Sequencer

game-system-sequencerPittsburgh Modular has introduced the Game System – a new Eurorack module that is packed with six different multi-mode sequencers and a fully voltage controllable user interface.

Each game represents a different type of sequencing, from classic step sequencers, to unique multi-dimensional clock dividers, to chaotic gate generators.

According to Pittsburgh, “Individual sequencers in the Game System would make great standalone modules. Bundled together, they offer an entire arcade of sequencing options.”

Unique Controls

The Game System uses a thumb joystick and button press interface for fast navigation of the sequencers. Joystick movements and button presses are voltage controllable, inviting external CV and gate signals to take control of the gaming experience.

The Game System can also be computer controlled.

Here’s an overview of Game System from PM’s Richard Nikol: Continue reading

Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box ‘An Epic Shift In The Definition Of What A Modular Can Be’


At the 2015 Summer NAMM Show, Pittsburgh Modular was showing their Patch Box Eurorack enclosure. They describe the Patch Box as ‘an epic shift in the definition of what a modular can be.’

That sounds a little hyperbolic – until you consider that the Patch Box opens up the Euro world to an audience exponentially larger than the traditional synth audience.

Here’s Pittsburgh Modular’s Richard Nikol introducing the Patch Box: Continue reading

Pittsburgh Switch Module Now Available

SwitchPittsburgh Modular has announced that their new Switch Eurorack module is now available.

The Switch is an analog, four channel signal switch with gate control and dual, assignable output busses.

Designed for performance, the Switch offers an interactive way to manage audio and CV signals within a complicated patch. Switch is a human- or machine-controlled signal router that utilizes four independent channels of manual and/or voltage controlled analog switching.

Each channel offers a manual on/off switch that acts as a master on/off control for the channel. With the master on/off switch flipped in the off position, the channel can be enabled or disabled using an external gate signal. If the external gate goes high, the switch opens, if the gate goes low, the switch closes. Continue reading