Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner Logical Pattern Generator

pittsburgh-modular-time-runnerThe Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner is an analog clock divider and programmable pattern generator for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

The Time Runner utilizes a voltage-controlled dual logic core to create a wide range of programmable gate patterns.

The TimeRunner starts with a single clock source and divides it down into four individual channels. The output of each channel is based on a complex relationship between the clock source, a clock divider, and a chain of switchable and voltage controlled logic options. The result is a unique and extremely musical patten generator.

How It Works

The signal path of the TimeRunner starts with an internal or external clock source. The clock is split using a divider into 4 cascading channels creating even /2, /4, /8, /16 divisions of the clock source. Continue reading

The Best Of The 2014 NAMM Show


The 2014 NAMM Show was another great year for the event – the weather was fantastic, there were tons of new synths and interesting gear introduced and we got to see a lot of people passionate about synths and electronic music.

Here’s our pick of the best new gear that was either introduced at the show this year or that made its NAMM debut this year: Continue reading

New Analog Synths At The 2014 NAMM Show


At the 2014 NAMM Show, there were more new analog synths than we have ever seen at the show. There were new analogs from companies like Korg, Moog and Elektron; there were a lot of interesting new synths from smaller companies; and there were several all-in-one Eurorack synth modules.

murmuxp2Here’s a roundup of the full-fledged analog synthesizers introduced at the 2014 NAMM Show: Continue reading

Pittsburgh Modular Intros Three New All-In-One Modular Synths

At the 2014 NAMM ShowRichard Nicol of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers introduced three new all-in-one modular synthesizer systems.

The System 10 synthesizer, above, is housed in Pittsburgh Modular’s Cell [48] Case and includes the new Synthesizer Box module, along with Mix Mult, MIDI2 and Outs utility modules. The Synthesizer Box module incorporates Pittsburgh’s new Waveforms oscillator and Lopass Gate.

The System 10 synthesizer has a street price of about $600. Continue reading

2014 NAMM Show Preview: Pittsburgh Modular + Studio Electronics Team Up On High-End Euro Modular Synthesizers

pghsePittsburgh Modular Synthesizers has announced a collaboration with Studio Electronics:

Together we are designing and manufacturing a new line of high-end Eurorack format modular synthesizers. The new product line will build off of the time-tested designs of Studio Electronics, manufacturers of Premium Quality Analog Synths and Class-A Audio gear since 1985.

We will be giving a sneak preview of the new line at NAMM later this month with pictures, sound, and video to follow.

Continue reading

New Cell[90] Foundation Desktop Synthesizer From Pittsburgh Modular

pittsburgh-modular-synthesizer2013 NAMM ShowPIttsburgh Modular has announced the Cell[90] Foundation Desktop Synthesizer - a new modular syntht that they call their ‘flagship product’.

PM’s Foundaton 2.0 has been transplanted from the road case to a sleek Pittsburgh Modular Cell[90] desktop case, allowing the Foundation to feel more at home in the studio. A Toolbox module has also been added to the Cell[90] Foundation Desktop as standard equipment. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Modular Cell[48] Modular Synthesizer System (NAMM Preview)

pittsburgh-modular-synthesizer-cell-48Pittsburgh Modular has announced a new modular synthesizer line, in conjunction with the 2013 NAMM Show, the Cell[48] Modular Synthesizer System.

The Cell[48] Modular Synthesizer System is an expandable, Eurorack, small format modular broken into three separate systems:

  • The Cell[48] System 1 is a complete single voice, analog synthesizer and a great entry point into modular synthesis.
  • The Cell [48] System 2 is ‘a signal manipulation powerhouse’. A modular multi-effects processor packed with all the tools needed to sculpt audio and twist control voltage signals.
  • The Cell [48] System 3 is an experimental analog modular synthesizer, ‘perfect for generating evolving textures and complex soundscapes’.

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