Free Voice Synthesis Plugin, Alter/Ego


Plogue has released Alter/Ego a free vocal synthesis plugin, for Mac & Windows, that is tailored for musical needs.

To use, type in your lyrics, and then play on your MIDI keyboard. It’s a true synthesizer, the sound can be extensively modified for easy and expressive performances.

Daisy is the first voice bank available and is free. Additional voice banks are planned. Continue reading

Plogue Chipspeech Recreates The Sound Of 80’s Voice Synthesis

Chipspeech_Shot_ControlsPlogue has introduced Chipspeech – a new speech synthesizer, for Mac & Windows, that recreates the sound of famous 80’s voice synthesis chips.

It features 7 different voices, each with its own characteristic timbre. It is tailored for musical applications – type in lyrics, and then you can play them on a MIDI keyboard.

Chipspeech is also a true synthesizer – the sound can be extensively modified. The app also features a circuit bending emulation, letting you not only recreate the ‘insane and chaotic sound’ of a circuit bent TI speaking device, but also use it in a controlled, musical way. Continue reading

Plogue Chipsounds Review

YouTube Preview Image

Synthtopia regular Torley takes a look at Plogue Chipsounds, with a preview of the standard patches and a few hickups along the way.

Don’t forget to check out Torley’s site sometime, where he’s got 100s of free, gorgeous pieces, including play while answering email & Vangelis meets Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Now Available: Chipsounds 8-Bit Software Synthesizer For Mac & PC

YouTube Preview Image

Plogue today released its new soft-synthesizer, chipsounds.

“Quite simply put, it beats the s*** out of any other single chip emulation VST currently available,” says 8-bit artist nitro2k01. “chipsounds is a must-have for anyone who’s seriously interested in chip sounds but don’t have access to the real hardware.”

chipsounds is designed to faithfully reproduce the sound and style of vintage video game music and sound effects in plugin format, usable inside any sequencer or DAW, or as a standalone virtual instrument.

Plogue chipsounds will be offered at an introductory price of 75$ until November 1. Continue reading

ChipSounds Software Synth Audio Demos


Last week, we brought you the news of Plogue‘s new 8-bit style software synth, Chipsounds.

According to Plogue, Chipsounds emulates more than eight vintage 8bit-era sound chips (on top of their variants), down to their smallest idiosyncrasies.

Now you can decide for yourself: Continue reading