Two Free Soundbanks For PPG WaveGenerator

free-ppg-wavegenerator-au-soundbankWolfgang Palm has released pleased 2 new soundbanks for PPG WaveGenerator, created by Markus Stadelmann.

The soundbansk are free for owners of PPG WaveGenerator.

Here’s an audio demo, using PPG WaveGenerator and the free soundbanks, with no additional effects: Continue reading

Waldorf Nave ‘The Most Impressive iOS Synth’ Yet

Waldorf has announced the availability of Nave, its first synthesizer app for the iPad.

Created by a power trio of Stefan Stenzel (audio algorithms), Rolf Wöhrmann (iOS development), and Axel Hartmann (graphic design), Nave turns the iPad into an advanced wavetable synthesizer.

Sound designer Richard Devine – who created presets for the new synth – calls Nave “the most impressive iOS synthesizer I have laid my hands on to date.”

Here’s a video preview of Waldorf Nave and its synthesis capabilities: Continue reading

PPG WaveMapper Intros A New Approach To Synthesis From Wolfgang Palm


Synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm has introduced a new software synthesizer for iOS, PPG WaveMapper.

PPG WaveMapper expands on Palm’s work with wavetables and introduces a new synthesis system, which can be seen as a bridge between wavetables and samples. In wavetable systems you have great flexibility in controlling the sound, but sound material is limited to harmonic, noise-free waveforms. On the other hand there are samplers, which have very high sound quality, but very limited editing features.

In WaveMapper there is a new type, the “time corrected sample” (TCS). This can reproduce a much wider palette of sounds then classic wavetables, but still allows for a total control, for example with an envelope or LFO.

‘It is a completely different way of programming sounds,”  Palm says. “You do not start with a lot of detailed setting, but with a combined set of parameters which you can select with the touch and swipe of a finger. And the combination of those parameters belonging to a Module make sense of course, it gives the user (being experienced or not) a very fast way for creating unique sounds.”

Here are the details: Continue reading

PPG WaveGenerator Updated With AudioBus, Improved MIDI Support

ppg-wavegeneratorWolfgang Palm has released a free update to PPG WaveGenerator, his ‘next generation synthesizer, building on the heritage of the PPG Wave keyboards.’

Here’s what new in PPG Wavegenerator 1.3:

  • Audiobus support
  • MIDI Voice Per Channel mode
  • MIDI mono mode
  • MIDI Sustain pedal
  • Improved Keyboard Octave Shifting
  • Optimization of the audio engine – more voices

PPG WaveGenerator is $19.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used PPG WaveGenerator, let us know what you think about it!