Apogee Intros Quartet for Mac

This week, audio recording equipment manufacturer Apogee Electronics unveiled a new desktop audio interface and control center for the Mac, called Quartet.

The first USB MIDI interface from Apogee, the Quartet features a signature single controller knob, four inputs, eight outputs, MIDI, and top panel display and control.

Quartet connects to any Mac via USB 2.0 high-speed for extremely low-latency and stellar performance. Quartet connects at high-speeds no matter the machine or sample rate; 44.1-192kHz.

Quartet’s four combination inputs offer microphone, instrument and line input with a gain range of up to 75 dB, leaving headroom for microphones and sound sources. For additional channels, Quartet’s eight digital inputs create the option of connecting an external interface, like the Apogee Ensemble.

The Quartet’s six balanced outputs deliver options for the video producer to mix in surround, for the live performer to send multiple mixes to monitors and front-of-house and for the mixer to send a mix to outboard compressors and EQs. Using Apogee’s Maestro software, the outputs will also split into three stereo pairs for connecting three speaker sets for auditioning mixes across various types of studio monitors.

The Quartet’s USB MIDI connection consolidates all gear connections away from the Mac, making Quartet the control center for any studio.

Quartet works with any Core Audio-compatible application including Logic, Pro Tools 9 and 10, Final Cut, and Ableton Live.

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Pro Tools MP 9 Gets You Started With The Industry Standard DAW For $300

Pro Tools MP 9

Musikmesse 2011: Avid has introduced Pro Tools MP 9 – a new version that lets you get started with Pro Tools for $300.

Avid also announced all-new bundles that combine Pro Tools MP 9 software with select M-Audio interfaces.

Pro Tools MP 9 leverages the same core functionality found in Avid’s Pro Tools software and features Automatic Delay Compensation for phase-accurate mixes; and MP3 export capability. Avid’s Pro Tools MP 9 software will be offered standalone for use with select M-Audio interfaces, as well as in bundles with the M-Audio MobilePre, Fast Track Pro or Fast Track Ultra interfaces. Continue reading

NAMM Preview: Open Labs Intros SoundSlate Pro Music Computer

OpenLabs SoundSlate Pro Music Computer

Open Labs is introducing the SoundSlate Pro rack-mountable music computer at the 2011 NAMM Show.

Here’s what they have to say about the SoundSlate Pro:

The SoundSlate PRO combines the latest in computer technolgy with proprietary software and design, delivering the next logical evolution in integrated music-creation and open-platform innovation.

The SoundSlate PRO is your Production Studio, Playback System, VST Host, Sample Engine, Sequencer and Friend, live on stage or in your own home studio.

SoundSlate PRO hosts all PC-based music software such as: Pro Tools 9, Studio One, Reaper, Ableton Live, Cubase 5 as well as hardware devices: MIDI controllers, drum machines, acoustic instruments, PCI/PCIe cards and other microphone preamps.

SoundSlate PRO gives you the flexibility and power to decide how YOU want to work WITHOUT the high costs and headaches of stand-alone computers or laptops.

Details below.

The SoundSlate Pro sells for $2,249.
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Pro Tools Tablet, The Indamixx2 Pro, Now Available For $1799

Indamixx 2 Pro Tools Tablet

Indamixx has released the Indamixx2 Pro – a tablet computer that comes pre-loaded with Avid Pro Tools 9.

The company says that the Indamixx2 Pro can handle 8 stereo tracks (16 total) with 2-6 plugins on 2 GB RAM with no Windows 7 optimizations. Not a powerhouse, but try that on your iPad. Continue reading

Avid Pro Tools 9 First Look

Avid has officially announced Pro Tools 9, the latest version of the popular music creation and audio production solution.

The big feature of Version 9 of Pro Tools is that it gives you the option to work with:

  • Avid audio interfaces
  • third-party audio interfaces, or
  • the built-in audio capabilities of a Mac or PC.

In other words – Avid has decided that Pro Tools 9 has to compete head-to-head with other software solutions.

Also, new support for the Avid EUCON open Ethernet protocol expands control surface options to include Avid’s Artist Series and Pro Series audio consoles and controllers (formerly known as Euphonix consoles and controllers).

Version 9 of the new Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD software will be available worldwide on November 12, 2010. Pricing starts at $599.

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