How To Create A Gated Delay Effect (Reason Sound Design)

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In this official Propellerhead tutorial, product specialist Mattias Häggström Gerdt demonstrates how to create a gated delay combinator in Reason, based on the patch “Echodile” from the Reason Factory Soundbank.

Native Instruments Damage Now Available

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Native Instruments has announced that Damage is now available.

Created by sound design house Heavyocity and powered by the Kontakt 5 engine, the new software instrument provides ‘hard-hitting cinematic percussion for professional movie scoring and high-impact music production’.

In the video, above, Heavyocity talk about the recording process behind Damage, in an in-depth look at their sound design process.

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Beginner’s Guide To Experimentation With Propellerhead Reason

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This video is a year old, but does a good job of demonstrating how you can experiment and explore within Propellerhead Reason.

Reason expert and electronic producer James Bernard demonstrates building up a track, showing along the way how trying new things can lead to new sounds and idea.

Propellerhead Balance With Reason Essentials

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In addition to introducing Reason 6, Propellerhead has announced Balance with Reason Essentials.

Propellerhead Balance and Reason Essentials is a hardware/software combination designed to offer everything you need for basic music making.

Here’s what Propellerhead has to say about it:

We’ve taken care of all the tedious stuff — calibration, setup, the works. You can concentrate on having fun instead: making music.

With two channels of pristine audio recording, and with inputs for all your gear, your instruments are always connected and you are always ready to record.

Propellerhead Balance with Reason Essentials will be available Sept 30th. Details below.

Note: Reason and Record owners that purchase Reason Essentials with Propellerhead Balance will receive a free upgrade to Reason 6.

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