ReBirth For iPad Reborn, With MIDI Sync, Background Mode, Audio Sharing & More

ReBirth – the seminal software studio  – has gotten some love from Propellerhead, with a new update.

Here’s what’s new in ReBirth 1.3:

  • Duo Mode – flip instruments around and jam with a friend on the same iPad
  • MIDI sync – sync ReBirth to your DAW, MIDI hardware or other apps
  • Background mode – keep ReBirth playing in the background when slaved to other apps
  • SoundCloud Sharing – share your ReBirth music on SoundCloud
  • iTunes export – export your track to iTunes on your computer
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Propellerhead ReBirth v1.1 Adds AudioCopy, Joins Long List Of AudioCopy Compatible Apps

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Propellerhead has released an updated version of ReBirth for the iPad, which adds support for copying and pasting ReBirth tracks as audio directly into AudioCopy compatible iPad apps.

AudioCopy has become a de facto standard for moving audio from one app to another iOS music apps.  Continue reading

ReBirth For iPad Processed With Reason 5

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This demo video, via PeffTV, demonstrates Reason 5 audio processing with ReBirth for iPad:

The iPad audio output is routed to the line in on the workstation. Reason 5 receives the active audio input and can process the sound in real-time. This demonstration features a range of custom combinator effect devices including CycleOn for Reason 5 beta.

Combinator Effects being controlled by the Livid Instruments OHM64. Thanks Peter!

Secrets Of The Propellerheads

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This official video is pretty glossy, but it does offer some interesting insight into Propellerhead Software and the origins of ReBirth, Reason & Record.

Seeing the precursors to ReBirth is especially interesting.

The second half of the video turns into a fairly standard promo for Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

ReBirth Is Back! Turns Your iPhone, iPad Into A Techno Studio!

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iPhone Music Software: ReBirth is back!

Propellerhead Software has announced ReBirth (App Store link) for the iPhone – a new app that brings the classic virtual studio back to life.

As the promo video notes, ReBirth was a milestone in electronic music. It was an affordable application that turned your computer into a techno studio, complete with a Roland TR-808, a Roland TR-909 and two (2!) Roland TB-303 Computer Controlled Bass Line synthesizers.

People freaked out about ReBirth – because it gave you access to thousands of dollars of rare gear, in virtual form – and because it let you make and share techno music from your computer.

Now it’s available for $6.99 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. And ReBirth for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad is another milestone.

ReBirth helped establish the idea of virtual studios. And while there are already many music apps for the iPhone platform, ReBirth is going to help establish the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad platform as a virtual studio, too.

What a complete no-brainer…….

For the price of lunch, you can put a virtual studio on your iPhone and carry it with you wherever your are. That’s pretty amazing.

And, if you think about how quickly ReBirth on the desktop evolved into things like Propellerhead Reason – it’s pretty clear that amazing things are coming.

Check it out and let me know what you think about ReBirth coming to the iPhone!

Note: ReBirth runs in iPhone scaled mode on the iPad, which is lame. This is something they should update asap! Continue reading