KMI Confirms QuNexus Compatibility With iOS 7

qunexus-connectivityKeith McMillen Instruments today confirmed that its QuNexus controller works natively with iOS 7, and can be powered by your iPhone or iPad without any additional software drivers.

The QuNexus captures polyphonic aftertouch, which makes it a powerful option for mobile setups.

QuNexus is class compliant and should work natively with any system that supports MIDI.

KMI Rogue + QuNeo Controller Combination Is “Freakin’ Awesome”

Keith McMillen Instruments has announced plans for an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the KMI Rogue – an accessory that turns the QuNeo into a wireless controller.

Key Features:

  • Rogue attaches quickly to the bottom of your QuNeo with low-profile Velcro.
  • Battery life for Rogue exceeds 12 hours (in KMI”s time-trials, it worked over 16 hours).
  • Rogue uses advanced radio technology with a 2.45GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band.
  • With changeable hi-gain antennas attached to the USB dongle, wireless range can be tailored to your needs from 50 to 200 meters.
  • LEDs on the Rogue indicate RF link status, battery life and charging activity for instant visual feedback.
  • QuNeo’s intelligent LED display is fully programmable and data-rich; you will rarely have to look at your computer screen.

See the video below for technical details on the Rogue: Continue reading

Keith McMillen On The QuNexus And Why New Music Needs New Instruments

keith-mcmillenKeith McMillen has been exploring new ideas for electronic music instruments for nearly 35 years, starting in 1979 with his company Zeta Music and more recently with Keith McMillen Instruments. His most recent creations are the QuNeo and the just-released QuNexus controllers.

Synthtopia’s Elisabeth Lewin talked with McMillen about development of the QuNeo and QuNexus controllers in part 1 of our Keith McMillen interview. In part 2, McMillen answers some reader’s questions on his instruments, discusses the state of MIDI, talks about performing with his own group and more.

qunexus-keyboardSynthtopia: One of our readers asked, “What synths or software synths do you recommend using with your QuNexus controller?”

Keith McMillen: What synths? You know, we kind of passed on that by supporting all synths. We put in CV support and you can plug a MIDI expander into it, too.

Musicians are pack rats, a lot of them don’t ever throw or give any instrument away. And there’s a big resurgence in CV synthesis. And I think that people work differently if they have knobs and sliders and a bunch of patch cords in front of them.

For me, I don’t really have a preference for which synth people use with QuNexus. I think that there’s value in pretty much every version of synth that’s come out.

Synthtopia: That’s a really diplomatic answer.

Keith McMillen: (Laughs) That’s treacherous. I didn’t want to step in that one.

Synthtopia: You dodged that handily! Okay. Another Synthtopia reader asked when or whether there’ll be a Max developer kit for the QuNeo.

Keith McMillen: We are producing a developer kit for the QuNeo. It’s progressing and I expect something to be available within months. Continue reading