Rain Computers Intros Event A2 Mini Audio Computer

Rain Computers has released a new version of it’s Event Mini Audio Computer, the Event A2 (A for audio, 2 because it’s the second generation).

This is sort of the Windows parallel to the Mac mini – a $799 computer that packs a lot of power into a compact package.

Here’s what Rain has to say about the Event A2:

Since finding that the musical community was hungry for a low price, entry level system still capable of being the most powerful and stable platform for popular creative software like Pro Tools and Cubase, Rain has been on the hunt for ever increasing levels of power and flexibility while maintaining a budget-friendly price for those who can do without the ultimate in power (and expense).

“There are a lot of us here at Rain, including myself, who come from the songwriting and performance side of the music biz. We don’t need a super-power system to run a big studio; we’re just looking for a solid computer that will get out of the way while we’re doing a quick demo of a new song. That’s the type of artist Event A2 is perfectly designed for.” explained Rain Computers CEO, Kevin Jacoby.

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New Windows LiveBook V2 – “The World’s Most Powerful Laptop”

Livebook laptop computerRain Computers has announced the release of a new flagship laptop, the Intel quad-core powered LiveBook V2 Mobile Video + Graphics Workstation, a high-performance Windows laptop they describe as “the world’s most powerful laptop.”

LiveBook V2 is designed with audio, video and graphics production in mind.

Of particular note is the option to customize LiveBook V2 with a 2.5GHz Intel “Sandy Bridge” Core i7 quad-core processor, two high performance hard drives, a choice of NVIDIA GeForce or Quadro graphics and 32 gigabytes of memory.

The base price is $2499. Here’s what you get for that wad of cash.

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Rain Computers Intros 6-Core Multimedia Workstations

Rain Computers has introduced the latest in its line of multimedia workstations, the 6-core Nimbus Multimedia Workstation.

Nimbus is designed to offer users a powerful multimedia studio for music, animation, 3D graphics and video content.

Rain is introducing two models:

  • Nimbus, which normally starts at $1799, is built around the recently released 6-Core processor architecture, from semiconductor designer and Intel rival, AMD.
  • The second model, priced at $2199 before discount, includes the NVIDIA Quadro 600 workstation graphics accelerator designed specifically for high-end graphics and video production. Memory and storage can be expanded to 16GB and 8TB respectively. And the system is controlled by a version of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit specially tuned by Rain for audio and video production.

Nimbus is available now exclusively at AmericanMusical.com.

Best Buy Now Offering Laptop DJ Systems

rain-livebook-dj-laptopRain Computers today announced their LiveBook series of Mobile Audio Workstations are now available at over 200 Best Buy locations as part of the Best Buy’s new “DJ experience”.

Rain’s LiveBook is installed in hundreds of Best Buy locations to demonstrate “the ideal Digital DJ system”, including software like Native Instruments’ Traktor and Serato by Rane. Also connected to LiveBook is the new generation of digital DJ mixers and turntables by Serato and Numark.

Rain desktop, rackmount and notebook audio computers are now available at Best Buy locations starting at $1199.