Three Free Reaktor Ensembles – Phadia, Bass One, Piky

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Free Music Software: This is a preview of three Ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor from The Color Space:

  • Reaktor Phadia – a 4-osc atmospheric pad synth
  • Reaktor Bass One – a 3-osc bass synth
  • Reaktor Piky – 2-osc ‘pluck’ synth

The three Reaktor Ensembles are free downloads at The Color Space site.

Twisted Tools Glitchmachines: Elements

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Twisted Tools has released a new sample library, Glitchmachines: Elements.

Elements is a collection of analogue oneshots, heavily processed foley and designed sounds by circuit bender Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines.

The Elements sample pack comes coupled with sampler presets for most major sample formats, as well as 128 royalty free original loops, which were made using the one shot sounds included in the pack.

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The Arcturan UltraTheremin – Free Download For Reaktor and Konkreet Performer

Peter Dines has created a sort of polyphonic theremin – Arcturan UltraTheremin, for Reaktor & Konkreet Performer.

Here’s what Dines has to say about it:

I built this as a learning project to figure out how to map Konkreet Performer’s nodes to voices in Reaktor. If you’re interested, you can download here – you’ll need an iPad and Konkreet Performer to really make use of it. (It also works with TouchOSC – layout included in download – if you don’t mind a slightly less freakish playing experience)

Here’s how it works – set Konkreet up with three nodes and a ribbon. The three nodes control pitch and intensity. Angle from left to right is mapped to pitch, and proximity to the center node controls vibrato depth, rate and filter resonance. As pitch increases, the filter cutoff and pulsewidth also change.

If you give Arcturan UltraTheremin a try, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it.

Download (.zip).

Native Instruments Razor Now Available; Here’s How It Works

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Native Instruments today released RAZOR, its new software additive synthesis synthesizer, designed together with electronic artist Errorsmith.

You can get an in-depth look at how Razor works through the video above and find out why the new synth is like a microwave oven, jiggling reverb and all.

RAZOR is available for download purchase in the NI Online Shop for $79/69 EUR.

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Konkreet Performer – An iPad Music App That Actually ‘Thinks Different’

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iPad Music Software: Konkreet Labs has announced that Konkreet Performer – an iPad music app that actually ‘thinks different’, has been submitted to the App Store for approval.

Taking full advantage of the possibilities created by the latest multi-touch technology, Konkreet Performer delivers a new way to control your DAWs, synthesizers, samplers (anything that receives MIDI/OSC). Konkreet Performer has been designed from the ground up to be a live performance instrument.

No virtual piano keyboards, here.

Konkreet Performer is a control instrument for live music performance. Its multi-touch interface is designed to ‘reconnect the musician’s actions directly with the music,’ according to the developers.

Pricing and availability to come.

Check out the demo video and let us know what you think of Konkreet Performer and its original approach.

Free Software Synthesizer From Native Instruments, Mikro Prism

Free Software Synthesizer for Mac & PC

Free Music Software: Native Instruments has introduced Mikro Prism, a free instrument, based on the Reaktor Prism synthesizer.

Using the same sound engine as its bigger brother and REAKTOR 5.5’s new dynamic ”Modal Bank” technology, Mikro Prism offers 70 presets, built-in cabinet simulation, filter, flanger, echo and reverb effects and even some seasonal bell and chime sound.

All parameters are accessible through automatable macro controls, including two synchronized internal modulation circuits.

Creating new sounds with Mikro Prism is easy using the preset morphing feature of Reaktor or the free Reaktor 5 Player: Select two presets (“snapshots”), and use the morph fader to seamlessly morph between the two sounds. You can even use your MIDI controller to dynamically morph while you’re playing.

Mikro Prism is a free software synthesizer for Mac & Windows and is available now at the NI site.