Novation Interview Launches Soundpack Giveaway, Remix Competition

Novation announces M4SONIC video interview, free M4SONIC soundpack, and competition to win Launchpad S, Launch Control, and M4SONIC masterclass

Today Novation has announced another trio of treats – (what shall we call it? a threebie? maybe not?) – 1) an interview with Australian producer M4SONIC, 2) a free M4SONIC soundpack for Launchpad App users, and 3) a remix competition with prizes of a Novation Launchpad S, Launch Control, and M4SONIC master class.

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Korg & SoundCloud Announce iPolysix Remix Contest


Korg has joined with SoundCloud on a global remix contest to spark use of Korg’s new iPad app, iPolysix.

The contest, which runs through January 31, invites musicians to create a remixed track on the iPolysix app (from a selection provided on the contest page). Users are to share their remixed compositions directly from iPolysix via “Polyshare powered by SoundCloud.”

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Tangerine Dream Remix Contest

AudioPorn Central, Moonpop Music and Point Blank Music School have teamed up on a Tangerine Dream remix contest:

The track, Sun Son’s Seal (Part 1), comes from TD’s 2004 album Purgatorio.

Contest organizers say that this is the first time ever anyone besides the band has had official access to the stems to remix a Tangerine Dream song.

The winning remix will be selected by TD’s Jerome Froese and be included on an upcoming release.

You can preview the track below:

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Daphne Oram Remix Contest – Get Your Oramics On!

Daphne OramThe Science Museum (of London) wants you to remix the sounds of electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram and have your track judged by Brian Eno, DJ Spooky and The Wire.

Here’s what they have to say about the OraMIX contest:

In the 1960s, Daphne Oram developed a ground-breaking music technique she called ‘Oramics’. With her home-built ‘Oramics Machine’, Daphne made music for TV shows and commercials, but she dreamt of broadcasting live Oramics concerts through a network of fibreoptic cables, an idea that sounded like science fiction at the time.

This ambition, so typical of that era of boundless optimism for science and technology, was paralleled in the use of satellites to broadcast Our World on 25 June 1967, the very first television production performed and broadcast live from studios across the world.

Imagine that the producer of Our World, the 1967 TV programme that first linked the world via satellites, had commissioned Daphne Oram, the pioneer of electronica, to make its soundtrack.

You don’t have to limit yourself to 1960s style. Use the stems to make the piece in whatever genre you fancy.

See the remix competition site for details.

Gustav Mahler Remix Contest

Gustav MahlerThe Berliner Philharmoniker has announced a Gustav Mahler Remix Contest, using extracts from their recording of the Mahler’s First Symphony:

The musical focus of our competition is the music of Gustav Mahler. He was an Austrian composer born in 1860, an extraordinary conductor and a composer writing music that reflected his difficult childhood, his life and loves as well as his ever searching quest to understand the meaning of life. He wrote nine complete symphonies, and represented at the the turn of the century the cusp of the late romantic period as well as the breakaway to searching for new forms and means of expression. His First Symphony is devoted to expressing the connections between nature and the turbulences of life and love. He lived the latter part of his life in New York dying at the age of 51 in 1911.

Now in 2011, commemorating a hundred years since Mahler died, the Berliner Philharmoniker invite you to create your own remix of the sound tracks from the first movement of Symphony No.1 by Gustav Mahler, which we have uploaded on the site for you. You simply enter the SoundCloud site and upload your final remix by 30 September to the site.

So what’ll it be – dubstep Mahler or symphonic trance?

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Plastikman Remix Contest

In collaboration with Plastikman (a.k.a. Richie Hawtin), Avid and Burn Studios have announced a contest to remix Hawtin’s “Ask Yourself.”

Hawtin will listen to each remix, and will include the winner as a digital release on the highly anticipated Plastikman Arkives—a comprehensive, made-to-order box set that spans all 17 years of the Plastikman story. The winner will also receive an Avid gift voucher worth €2,500, plus an annual Soundcloud Pro account worth €250.

Five runners up will each receive an M-Audio Torq MixLab DJ kit, an Avid Recording Studio system, and a Souncloud Lite account.

Remixes are due by Friday, December 31, 2010. Details here.

Serj Tankian Propellerhead Remix Contest

Serj Tankian remix contestSerj Tankian, Propellerhead Software and Electronic Musician magazine have announced a new contest to remix Disowned Inc., a track off of Tankian’s new album, Imperfect Harmonies.

The grand prize is a copy of the full Reason + Record suite and a signed copy of Tankian’s new album.

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