Korg Gadget For iPad Remix Contest

korg-gadgetKorg has teamed up with SoundCloud to on a worldwide Korg Gadget contest.

The Korg Gadget for iPad Remix Contest runs from February 28 through March 31, 2014. Prizes include an array of Korg gear.

Contestants can enter by remixing any of the official demo songs that are pre-installed on Gadget for iPad and then uploading the remixed track to GadgetCloud.

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Tangerine Dream Remix Contest

AudioPorn Central, Moonpop Music and Point Blank Music School have teamed up on a Tangerine Dream remix contest:

The track, Sun Son’s Seal (Part 1), comes from TD’s 2004 album Purgatorio.

Contest organizers say that this is the first time ever anyone besides the band has had official access to the stems to remix a Tangerine Dream song.

The winning remix will be selected by TD’s Jerome Froese and be included on an upcoming release.

You can preview the track below:

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