Ziebane Instruments RX-207 Live Remixer Now Available

Ziebane Instruments has introduced RX-207 Live Remixer for Windows.

RX-207 is a DirectX 9 based realtime audio and video groovebox, designed to transform your PC into a real electronic instrument, as close to the feeling of dedicated hardware as possible. The sound engine was built from scratch to achieve ‘unparalleled’ responsiveness in computer music production.

RX-207 lets you remix existing phrases and patterns, build up on them, make them your own or start from scratch with original material.  Continue reading

Twisted Tools Intros Ultraloop Remixing Sampler


Twisted Tools has introduced Ultraloop, a new loop remixing sampler.

Ultraloop combines advanced loop layering, comping, effect processing and automation techniques to generate new grooves, riffs and song ideas. You can use Ultraloop with the included factory sample library or to remix your own samples.

Here’s a demo of Ultraloop in action, along with some overviews of the new app: Continue reading

Tangerine Dream Remix Contest

AudioPorn Central, Moonpop Music and Point Blank Music School have teamed up on a Tangerine Dream remix contest:

The track, Sun Son’s Seal (Part 1), comes from TD’s 2004 album Purgatorio.

Contest organizers say that this is the first time ever anyone besides the band has had official access to the stems to remix a Tangerine Dream song.

The winning remix will be selected by TD’s Jerome Froese and be included on an upcoming release.

You can preview the track below:

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