Tabletop Adds AudioCopy 2.0, Inter-App Audio Support

retronyms-tabletop-2Retronyms has updated its virtual studio for iOS, Tabletop.

Here’s what’s new in Tabletop 2.2:

Tabletop 2.2 adds two new devices with support for inter-app audio.

One is a free controller for midi-controllable apps, and the other is an inter-app audio recorder that can capture the audio produced by other apps.

This update also adds support for AudioCopy 2.0. Finally, it adds several bugfixes and iOS 7 enhancements.

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Retronyms Tabletop 2.0 Preview + Richard Devine Remix

Retronyms today released this preview video for Tabletop 2.0 – the new version of their virtual studio for IOS.

Sound designer Richard Devine created the video’s soundtrack, Glitch Breaker Demo, usingTabletop’s virtual studio environment. Retronyms is making the set available, so you can check out Devine’s work and use it as a starting point for your own remixes:

You can find the song Glitch Breaker Demo inside the Tabletop in-app community, or here on soundcloud. To celebrate the new update for Tabletop we’re making a call for remixes!

Download the Glitchbreaker Session right in Tabletop. You get access to all of the custom samples, sequencing, and arrangement. Remix to your heart’s content. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Retronyms Tabletop 2.0 For iPad Adds MIDI Support, Timeline Editing & More

retronyms-tabletop-2Today, Retronyms released a major update to Tabletop for iPad – its virtual music studio.

The free update to Tabletop adds some major new features, including a Timeline Editor, MIDI support, and Session Sharing. Retronyms also announced that Akai’s iMPC will work inside Tabletop as the first Tabletop-Ready App.

Here are the details:

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Retronyms Open Sources CloudSeeder Code, Wants To Kick-Start Social Audio On iOS

Retronyms has announced that it has open sourced the code for CloudSeeder – its SoundCloud-powered in-app community.

CloudSeeder is designed to put SoundCloud-powered social networking features into music apps. For example, you could create a track, share it on SoundCloud, and then check views and comments on your tracks, without leaving your music app.

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Tabletop Update Adds T-Pain Effect

Retronyms has released an update to its Tabletop virtual studio for the iPad.

Here’s what’s new in Tabletop 1.6:

T-Pain Effect
Fix and play with your pitch.

Magic Mic
A fantastic microphone recording machine.

Stability and performance improvements

The T-Pain Effect is a $6 in-app purchase.

Tabletop is available for free in the App Store. The free download offers basic functionality and additional features can be enabled vai in-app purchases.

Retronyms’ Drum Deranger For Miselu Neiro (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

This a sneak preview of Retronyms’ Drum Deranger for the Miselu Neiro – a x0x style drum machine application:

While the Neiro screen and hardware integration look interesting, the benefits of this vs using a more general and relatively inexpensive tablet like the iPad remain to be seen.

via miseluinc

Retronyms Updates Tabletop iPad Music Studio, Adds SoundCloud Community

Retronyms today updated Tabletop, its virtual studio for the iPad.

Here’s what’s new in Tabletop 1.5:

  • CloudSeeder – access the Tabletop Community (powered by SoundCloud)
  • Audio Copy – collaborate with other Apps
  • Module Bundles – discounted collections of in-app add-ons

The most notable addition is CloudSeeder. Here’s what Retronyms has to say about it:

CloudSeeder makes it easy to publish your songs to a music community and receive feedback. It’s also the perfect place to find inspiration before diving into a new track. Your fans are waiting, so don’t be shy and jump in! Publish a track, leave a comment, find listeners and collaborators.

Tabletop is a free download from the App Store. It comes with a small collection of virtual modules. Additional modules are available as in-app purchases.