Diego Stocco Wants You To Use A Squirrel For A Reverb, Intros Rhythmic Convolutions 2 Impulse Responses


Diego Stocco is one of the most creative sound designers around – whether he is creating sounds for OmniSphere, scoring films, building his own orchestra or finding inspiration in strange places.

Now he wants to teach you how to use a squirrel for a reverb.  Continue reading

ValhallaDSP Intros ValhallaPlate Reverb


Valhalla DSP has introduced ValhallaPlate, a new plate reverb plugin for Mac & Windows.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

ValhallaPlate is an algorithmic take on the classic plate reverberation sound. Seven original algorithms emulate the sound and behavior of real world steel plate reverbs, and take the sound into dimensions that physical plates can’t touch.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading

Pittsburgh Modular Intros Verbotronic Eurorack Reverb Module


Pittsburgh Modular has introduced the Verbtronic Eurorack reverb module.

According to Pittsburgh, ‘The Verbtronic digital reverb module generates spaces large enough to overwhelm sounds and smear the audio spectrum with a wash of relentless reflections and echoes, building a tidal wave of never-ending feedback.’

They add, ‘We did not design the Verbtronic to mimic the real world; instead we have created a reverb full of lush, artificial spaces that blend perfectly with the electronic sounds of modular synthesis.’ Continue reading

Waves H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb How Available

h-reverbWaves Audio has announced that H-Reverb – a new reverb, based on algorithmic FIR (Finite Impulse Response) reverberation technology – is now available for Mac & Windows.

According to Waves, H-Reverb’s design provides ‘richer, deeper reverb tails that sit beautifully in the mix while breathing crisp air into your tracks’.

The FIR engine that powers H-Reverb lets you shape and customize the reverb decay envelope, beyond the standard linear forms, resulting in perfectly gated, real reverse, and dense reverb tails that don’t muddy up the mix.

Here’s the official video intro:

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AD 480 Reverb RE For Reason Now Available

Fiedler Audio has introduced AD 480 Reverb RE – a professional studio reverb effect for Propellerhead Reason and Reason Essentials.


  • professional reverb sound effect with variable room size
  • reverb time and spatial dimensions independently tweakable
  • extensive filter layout for a wide spectrum of sound
  • 54 new presets with unique sound
  • 108 presets from the iOS version
  • separate outputs for mixed, wet and dry signals for flexible routing
  • 20 CV-inputs for insane modulation

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