Free Scanner Ringtones

scanner-robin-rimbaudComposer & sound designer Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, let us know about a collection of ringtones that he’s released as a free download.

Here’s what he has to say about the Scanner ringtone collection:

I was recently commissioned to compose a series of ringtones for a new mobile phone.

Having spent months back and forth with the company the entire commission was cancelled in March, leaving a wealth of unused and unheard ringtones sitting on my hard drive. My sound work was rejected for being ‘too Scanner’.

Rather than let these rot on a hard drive, here they are all in mono, low resolution for your own delight. Playful, fun little tunes to brighten up your smart phone 🙂

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Free Raymond Scott iPhone Ringtones

We’re big fans of Raymond Scott.  While he’s best known as a composer of quirky big band-era music that became the sound of cartoons, he went on to help pioneer electronic music. 

Thanks to musician, arranger, and RS fan Les Deutsch, you can now download free Raymond Scott ringtones formatted specifically for iPhone.

Details from Les: “I could have converted the original recordings to ringtones, but I really enjoy the quirky synthesizer sounds that the Mac’s internal QuickTime app generates directly from Finale.”

Download them at the Raymond Scott blog

Note: When I downloaded the files, they had a .m4r.html extension. Changing this .m4r made the files recognizable as ringtones.

Turn Your Music Into Ringtones For Google Android Phones

YouTube Preview Image

Most musicians haven’t taken ringtones very seriously, either as a promotional tool or as a new platform for music. 

I think this is a mistake. New phones have all sorts of multimedia capabilities, but their built-in ringtones are usually horrible. 

If you’re not making ringtones for the iPhone yet, check out our tutorial on making ringtones with Garageband. And check out the video review of Ringdroid, an ringtone generator for Android phones. 

Android is a new phone platform spearheaded by Google. While it’s not as well-known as the iPhone, it looks like it could develop into a strong competitor to the iPhone. If it does, it’s going to be another important platform for musicians to think about.