Rob Papen Releases Vecto Rack Extension Synthesizer


Rob Papen has released Vecto – a four-oscillator vector synthesizer Rack Extension that allows you draw in vector paths to shape the sound in many different ways.

Included are a large range of oscillator waves, plus sampled waveforms and lots of different modulation options.

Here’s a video patch preview: Continue reading

Rob Papen RAW Synthesizer Now Available For Mac, Windows


Rob Papen has released RAW – a new software synthesizer, for Mac & Windows.

“RAW has a focus on ‘distorted’ sounds, so this means that it has a different signal setup, synthesizer-wise,,” notes Papen. “We have two oscillators and a FILTER, but what is new when compared to our other synthesizers is that you have an EQ that can be pre- or post-distortion. After that, there is also a WAVESHAPER and dedicated DISTORTION module with several types of distortion, as well as a LOW FI control. This is new to this synthesizer, and it’s part of the concept that the distortions are on the voice level, so it’s not just a case of a total signal going into the distortions, but rather each voice has its own WAVESHAPER, DISTORTION, and LOW FI — plenty of options to shape the sound here!”

Here’s what Papen has to say about RAW: Continue reading

258 Free Patches For Albino 3


Sound designer Adam Smith (Yemski) has released two patch libraries for Rob Papen/Linplug Albino 3, featuring 258 patches.

The patch libraries were formerly available commercially. Papen discontinued Albino 3 in 2012, so Smith is making the patch libraries available as free downloads.

Here’s an audio demo of the free patches: Continue reading