Robert Rich Interview On The Art + Music + Technology Podcast

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASynthesist Robert Rich is featured on the latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast.

Rich has been releasing electronic music for over thirty years, with an extensive discography of over thirty solo albums and collaborations.

“I interviewed Robert Rich,” notes host Darwin Grosse, “and we ended up wheeling into some pretty cool areas – especially in regards to how he approaches music creation, and how he works in instrumental music without getting bogged down in undesirable labeling.” Continue reading

New Music From Robert Rich

Ambient artist Robert Rich created this hour-long sound portrait of one day, Frozen Day, by recording and processing the ambient sound in the garden behind his house.

He’s sharing it via SoundCloud as his ’50th birthday present to you’.

Here are the technical details behind Frozen Day, as explained by Rich: Continue reading

AMBIcon 2013 Electronic Musicians’ Panel Discussion

AMBIcon 2013 – an ambient music conference organized by Hearts Of Space – featured a gathering of many of the pioneers of electronic ambient music. This panel discussion from the conference includes Hans Christian, Stephan Micus, Jeff Pearce, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Stellamara, Tim Story, Sam Rosenthal, Mike Watson and Steve Davis.  Continue reading