‘What We Left Behind’ – Robert Rich and 21st Century Shamanism

Robert-Rich_What_we_left_behindAmbient electronic composer and musician Robert Rich has released a new album this week, “What We Left Behind.”

Rich shared the inspiration for the title and the background for the story told by the songs on “Behind” in a profile article by Michael Brückner, recently published on the Ambient Visions website:

“[The album] imagines a journey on the wing of a messenger with black feathers, showing me the future. The crow is like a spirit guide in this dream…. In my vision, the earth is doing just fine without humans, and the harm that we caused, the massive extinction event, climate change, lingering radioactivity… all of that has faded in a million years. New minds have evolved, new problems perhaps. We were just a part of the flow of life.”
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Moogfest 2016 Lineup Announced, Featuring Gary Numan, Laurie Anderson, Suzanne Ciani & A New Moog Module


Organizers announced the first round of artists, musicians and programming for Moogfest 2016, scheduled for May 19 – 22 in Durham, NC.

The lineup includes Gary Numan (in a three-night residency), GZA (two night residency), Odesza, Laurie Anderson, Oneohtrix Point Never, Suzanne Ciani, Blood Orange, and Sun Ra Arkestra, with keynote presentations by “transhumanist pharma tycoon” Dr. Martine Rothblatt and virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier.

Of special note to DIY synth enthusiasts, there will be another two-day, hands-on Moogfest synth building workshop for Engineer VIP ticketholders. This time, VIP attendees will build an as-yet-unreleased Moog synth module.”
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Synthesis Technology E950 ‘Speak & Spell’ VCO Sneak Preview

e950_bannerSynthesist Robert Rich has been testing the new Synthesis Technology E950 Circuit Bent VCO – a new design that’s inspired by the Speak & Spell.

The E950 is a 10hp DSP-based VCO that combines the “smooth morphing” of Synthesis Technology’s E350 Morphing Terrarium with fully licensed “Speak & Spell” technology from Texas Instruments.

Rich put together an audio sneak preview, below, that he describes as “Putting a prototype Synthtech E950 through its paces, trying to get as unrecognizable as I can”: Continue reading

Synthesist Robert Rich To Headline B-Wave Festival

robert-richOrganizers contacted us to let us know that the third edition of the B-Wave Festival in Belgium will take place on November 14th.

The festival is described as ‘the only Belgian festival that supports Ambient, Space, Drones and Chillout music.’ It is an indoor festival with two stages, one in the theatre hall and one in the foyer, where in total 6 bands/artists will perform.

B-Wave Festival 2015 will feature synthesist Robert Rich (right), Radio Massacre International and others.  Continue reading

Robert Rich – Improvisation On The Moog Modular System 55 Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, ambient musician and composer Robert Rich pays a visit to the Moog Music sound lab and explores the sound design possibilities of the Modular System 55.

Robert Rich is known for creating immersive soundscapes, and has more than four dozen releases to his name. This modular sound improvisation ‘evokes the perpetual organic motion of the natural world.’ Continue reading

Free Music Friday: New Music From Robert Rich

Robert-Rich_Hiding-In-Daylight_EPMoog Music this week released a free EP of music by synthesist Robert Rich.

The EP, Hiding In Daylight, was created to commemorate the retirement of the Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition (Voyager RME) analog synthesizer.

Hiding in Daylight is a 3-song EP, embedded below, of evolving soundscapes. Moog describes the EP as “a meditative exploration of organic analog sound, drawing on the rich tonal palette of the Minimoog Voyager RME.” Continue reading

Moog Discontinues Rack-Mount Minimoog Voyager, Releases Robert Rich EP

Minimoog-Voyager-rack-mount-editionToday, Moog Music announced the official discontinuation of the Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition (Voyager RME) analog synthesizer. Moog Music calls the Minimoog Voyager “Bob Moog’s modern day re-imagining of the Minimoog Model D, the most iconic analog synthesizer of all time.”

Introduced in 2005, the 5U-format Minimoog Voyager RME has figured in the music of Daft Punk, Orbital, Deadmau5, Tycho and R&B producer Brian Michael Cox, to name a few.

“It’s always difficult for us to end the life of a product, especially one that Bob designed himself, but I am happy to know that the artists fortunate enough to own one of these expressive tools will enjoy a lifetime of rich musical experiences,” said Moog Music President Mike Adams.
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