Lev The Robot Plays Theremin Better Than Most People

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Ranjit Bhatnagar’s Lev is a robot that plays the theremin.

And while he’s far from being a virtuoso, he plays better than a lot of thereminists.

Lev may be the ultimate MacGyver music hack. He was made out of an old floor lamp, some plumbing supplies, a few empty mint tins, and some microprocessors. Continue reading

Robots Sing Happy Birthday

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ICCMR‘s singing robots, Tom, Dick and Harry, were programmed at the University of Plymouth to sing Happy Birthday to celebrate the centenary of the London Science Museum. The robots were on display at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre on 10 June 2009. Continue reading

Robotic Arm Plays The Synthesizer

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The Visually Enabled Musical Arm is a robotic arm that’s capable of playing tunes on the synthesizer by the image inputs it receives after processing a real time(LIVE) video. It uses the concepts of artificial intelligence, image processing and Micro – controller programming.

It’s not going to replace keyboard players anytime soon – unless you’re a one-note synth player – but it’s an interesting demo.

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