The Choice, From The Last Of Us, On LinnStrument

This video captures a performance by Geert Bevin of composer Gustavo Santaolalla‘s The Choice from The Last Of Us.

Bevin performs the piece on LinnStrument, with the sound coming from Spectrasonics’ Trilian with an 8-part multitimbral setup (one for each row).

Bevin has been working with Roger Linn on the LinnStrument, now in development. The LinnStrument is a unique electronic controller that allows a wide range of expressiveness, including individual pitch and dynamic control, over time, of each note.

Here’s free download of the performance: Continue reading

Roger Linn LinnStrument Musical Demos

Instrument designer Roger Linn today released a couple of videos that demo the LinnStrument – a new multitouch musical instrument. Both demos highlight the instruments ability to let you independently articulate each individual note.

The first video, above, demos the LinnStrument being used with a pedal steel guitar sound. The second, below, explores more of a blues harmonica sound.  Continue reading

Roger Linn – LinnStrument & The Revolution In Multidimensional Music Controllers

At Moogfest 2014, Roger Linn gave a presentation on The LinnStrument & The Revolution In Multidimensional Music Controllers.

Linn has a long track record of innovative instrument designs. He helped define the modern drum machine with the LinnDrum. He created the Music Production Workstation MPC, giving musicians a new way to work with samples. And he collaborated with Dave Smith to create the Tempest analog drum synth.

The LinnStrument is a new instrument, designed to give musicians expressive control of synthesizers. The LinnStrument captures each finger’s subtle movements in three dimensions, allowing for simultaneous fine control of note expression, pitch and timbre. Continue reading

What Would You Ask Roger Linn?

Roger LinnRoger Linn is a musician and industrial designer that has helped shaped the evolution of electronic music for the last 35 years.

He created the modern drum machine in the 70′s with the LM-1 Drum Computer. In the 80′s, he created the Akai MPC, which helped define hip hop and other genres.

More recently, he’s designed innovative guitar effects pedals, co-designed the Tempest analog drum machine and created a new instrument, the LinnStrument.

We’re working on setting up an interview with Linn and want to include some reader questions. So leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to ask Roger Linn!