Roland MT32 Mania, Or The First Dixieland Synth Demo Video

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Reader Alex Juno has put together another video in his Dem Jamz series, which explore the capabilities of a vintage synth through a collage of songs.

Or as he puts it, “some nice tunes and fairly sardonic humour.”

In this video, he explores the possibilities of the Roland MT32 – a ‘little brother’ to the classic D-50. No polite synth tweaking here, though. Instead the video goes from dixieland to ‘angsty goth’…..and keeps on going.

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Roland D-50 Synth Jam

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a nice synth demo + jam, via Kebu in the electronic music forum, Requiem For A Dream.

He comments:

I took some time to learn a bit more about programming my Roland D50, so I made a tune using only the D50 and its built in effects.

The song was programmed/performed and recorded using Cubase SL. Most of the patches used are my own programs or variations on presets. Each instrument was recorded individually by multitracking. No plugins were used except for mild EQ on some tracks and a single-band limiter on the master track. The reverbs, delays and choruses heard are all D50’s own effects. The video was later compiled showing how the various parts were played.

One-synth tracks like this are interesting, because they reveal the intersection between a synths’ capabilities and the user’s taste in sounds.

Kebu has posted another demo + jam, for the Yamaha S30, in the forum.

How To Make An 80’s Roland D-50 Sound Like Jean Michel Jarre’s Vintage Eminent 310 Organ

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This video, via magevers, demonstrates how to make a fairly common Roland D-50 synthesizer sound like a Jean Michel Jarre‘s rare vintage Eminent 310 organ.

Key elements of the sound are the effects – a Roland DEP-5 for delay, an Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser and reverb.

Makes me want to pick up a Small Stone Phaser and try it out on my Casios…..