Juno-66 Upgrade Expands Roland Juno-6, Juno-60


Tubbutec has introduced the Juno-66 – an upgrade for the Roland Juno-6 and Juno-60 synthesizers.

The upgrade adds MIDI and many new features, including new play modes, advanced portamento, a powerful sequencer, filter LFOs, detuning, alternative tunings and more.

The Juno-66 kit includes:

  • Juno-66 board with MIDI connectors
  • 40 pin IC socket
  • 5 overlay stickers for your synth
  • Parts for filter and pitch bend control
  • Stencil to mark locations of holes
  • 4 black M3 Screws and nuts for the sockets

Here is a video intro to the Juno-66 upgrade: Continue reading

The Roland Juno 6

YouTube Preview Image

The Roland Juno 6 is a vintage (pre-MIDI) six-voice polyphonic synthesizer keyboard that features a basic 1 oscillator per voice architecture. Despite the basic architecture, though, the Juno 6 synth’s filters and chorus help give it a huge sound.

This video, via bcastromusic, showcases the Rolan Juno 6’s amazing sound and capabilities.

If you’ve used the Roland Juno 6, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!