Roland Bringing Synthesis To Electric Cars


Roland Corporation and GLM Co., Ltd. have announced an agreement to co-develop a ‘neo-futuristic driving sound generation system’ for GLM’s electric sports car.

GLM is the manufacturer of Japan’s first mass-marketed electric sports car. Because electric cars are so quiet, some manufacturers are adding electronically generated sound effects, for safety and aesthetic reasons.

The driving sound system for GLM’s ZZ model, above, will be implemented using Roland’s SuperNATURAL synthesizer technology. Continue reading

Using The Roland Demora As A CV-Controlled Synth Module

This video, via Data Broth, explores using the programmable Roland Demora Eurorack delay effect module as a voltage-controlled synthesizer voice.

The Demora lets you repatch its sub-modules, using a Mac, Windows or iOS editor, changing its internal signal path to customize how it works.

All sounds in the demo video are from the Demora module. A Microbrute is used for pitch cv, envelope cv and sequencing. Continue reading

WebX0X Turns Your Web Browser Into A Drum Machine


Irritant Creative’s WebX0X is a free drum synthesizer and sequencer that runs in your web browser.

It’s built using the Web Audio API. Because it’s based on web standards, it works in recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari on desktop and iOS.  All sound generation is performed entirely in the browser without the use of samples. Continue reading