Roland Intros AIRA System-1m Eurorack Module, aka ‘Modular For The Masses’


At Musikmesse 2015, Roland today introduced the AIRA System-1m Semi-Modular PLUG-OUT Synthesizer.

The new synth combines Roland’s Plug-Out technology with CV/GATE and Eurorack compatibility.

Roland describes the new synth as ‘modular for the masses.’

The SYSTEM-1m takes the guesswork out of getting into modular. The fully self-contained module can be placed in a rack or on a table and can be powered by a standard AC adaptor. And it can be played from any standard MIDI keyboard or receive MIDI messages from your DAW – just like you’d expect.

But the SYSTEM-1m goes beyond standard synthesizer modules. WIth fully-lit, color coded patch points, you can experiment with reconfiguring its architecture and easily connect to a wide world of available synthesizer modules.

In addition to functioning as a rackmount or tabletop unit, the SYSTEM-1m can be mounted in a standard Eurorack case and can be powered via integrated case power with the included adapter cable. Its versatile synth architecture integrates with existing modular setups – or it can be the heart of a burgeoning modular synthesizer rig.

Here’s Roland’s AIRA Modular intro video: Continue reading

Roland System 500 Modular Series at Musikmesse (Sneak Preview)


At Musikmesse 2015, Roland has introduced the System-500, an all-new, fully analog modular synthesizer, based on two of the most revered electronic instruments of all time—the SYSTEM-700 and SYSTEM-100m. Continue reading

Roland Australia Leaks New V-Cowbell

more-cowbellRoland Corporation’s Australia branch today announced the availability of their new CB-9 V-Cowbell Trigger Bell.

The high-tech cowbell is equipped with the Roland Supernatural sound engine and over 200 sounds.

According to the company, the V-Cowbell delivers “authentic cowbell-ness”, using Roland’s proprietary technology to sound just like the real thing.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading

Roland JD-Xi Crossover Synth Review


The Roland JD-Xi synthesizer is a new mini-synth that offers an analog monosynth, dual digital synths, 808-style drum sequencing and a digital effects section.

According to the company, the JD-Xi gives musicians the best of both worlds: the warm, smooth response of classic analog, and the clarity and versatility of modern digital.

Is it all that?  Continue reading