Din Sync Announces Hardcore Roland TB-303 Replica – The RE-303 Bassline Synthesizer


DIN Sync today announced the RE-303 synthesizer – a new project to create a DIY Roland TB-303 replica.

There have been dozens of takes on a modernized 303 and 303 clones. These are typically adapted for efficient modern production and widely available modern parts.

The RE-303, on the other hand, is designed to replicate the original 303 accurately enough that you should be able to use the new boards as replacements for the originals.  Continue reading

Roland MX-1 Updated With Ableton Live Integration

Roland has released an update to the MX-1 performance mixer, adding Ableton Live integration and more.

Roland’s unveiled the new AIRA MX-1 Ableton Live mode at ADE 2015, with an exclusive performance from KiNK. In the video, above, KiNK launches Ableton Live clips and scenes from the MX-1, as well as controls effect sends and recording automation.  Continue reading