Logic Isn’t Dead – Despite The Rumors

Logic Pro XIt appears that the reports of the death of Logic may have been exaggerated.

Last week, the site Pro Tools Expert kicked off the Logic Pro death watch with a blog post that said that “Apple’s Pro Audio application team is virtually gone.”

According to a statement from Apple, though, the Logic isn’t dead, despite the rumors.

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The Access Virus TI Snow Black Synthesizer

This teaser image has leaked out for the Virus TI Snow Black Edition – a 15th anniversary special edition of the Access Virus TI Snow.

No official announcement has been made yet, but Access has teased an introduction for ‘Black Friday’. For now – here’s what we know about the rumored new synth…..

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NAMM Rumors (2012)

2012 NAMM Show RumorsBuzz is starting to heat up for the 2012 NAMM Show.

We’ve already seen a few teasers and leaks, including:

That’s a lot of gear from a show that hasn’t started yet.

But we’ve heard a lot of NAMM rumors, too…..

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Will Apple Kill Off Mac Audio Plugins?

broken apple mac computer

Reader aymat is worried about the future of audio plugins on Mac OS X.

Apple recently announced that applications sold through the Mac App Store need to be ‘sandboxed’, meaning that they need to live in their own space and have limited access to the filesystem and other applications.

Some, like WireToTheEar’s Oliver Chesler, are suggesting that this will be the end of audio plugins on OS X:

Beginning next March Apple will require Apps sold through the Mac App store to be “Sandboxed”. Sandboxing keeps the app in it’s own space and restricts what it can do system wide.

Apple does this on iOS to protect your phone from being hacked, taken over, etc… One side effect is that as far as things stand today you can’t use plug-ins. Obviously for musicians using sequencers this would have serious implications.

Before you get into a huff we will still be able to install and use unsandboxed Apps and plug-ins as long they are not sold on the Mac App store.

The benefits of sandboxing apps are many. They’re easier to back up, they can be synced to the cloud and there’s less danger of malicious apps screwing up your machine. And some level of sandboxing is absolutely necessary for an App Store to be feasible. The OS can’t cleanly update or delete apps purchased from an App Store unless it knows where the app is writing files to.

Some think that the future for Macs, though, is tightly locked down computers that only allow you to load software if Apple approves it and gets a cut of the sale.

And, if only sandboxed apps are allowed, where would that leave your investment in audio plugins?

What do you think? Is this a real concern or just a bunch of over-caffeinated bloggers working too hard to connect the dots?

Image: Choubistar

JazzMutant Lemur Coming To The iPad – About Time Or Too Little, Too Late?

YouTube Preview Image

Hot rumor: CDM’s Peter Kirn reports that the JazzMutant Lemur controller software has been ported to the iPad, and that he’s seen it in use:

“A funny thing happened to me the other afternoon. I’m looking over the shoulder of M-nus DJ Ambivalent (Kevin McHugh) at Berlin’s Watergate and an afterparty, and I see – no, that’s not TouchOSC. That sure looks like a Lemur step sequencer.

And then I might have spotted something similar in the front-of-house at Flughafen Tempelhof’s FLY BERMUDA show, for Richie Hawtin.”

The Lemur was retired last year, as adoption of the iPad by musicians reached critical mass.

At that time, many Synthtopia readers wondered why JazzMutant did not port the Lemur software to the iPad:

“Why isn’t Jazzmutant just developing a UI for a variety of DAWs now? Why not take advantage of all of this?

I’m curious how much Korg made with their various iApps. I sure gave them 40 bucks or so…”

Jazz Mutant Lemur On The iPad

While nothing has been officially announced on this, Kirn reviewed the hardware Lemur a few years ago for Keyboard Magazine, so it’s unlikely that he was confused by a similar-looking interface.

Lemur advocates would argue that the device had many features which are yet to be duplicated in apps for the iPad or other tablet devices.

What do you think of the prospect of the Lemur coming to the iPad as an app? Is it about time – or do you think it’s too late for it to be relevant?

The video, via bishop813, captures some the JazzMutant Lemur in use with Reason 4 & Ableton Live.

Logic Pro X (Rumor Alert)

Logic Pro X

Japanese site Macotakara reports that Apple is finishing up work on a new version of its Logic professional audio software, Logic Pro X.

According to the report, Logic Pro X:

  • Discontinues the Soundtrack Pro component of Logic Studio with the update. This would mirror the move taken with the release of Final Cut Pro X earlier this year. Soundtrack Pro 3 had been offered with both Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio.
  • Logic Pro X is also said to fold some of the existing production tools such as WaveBurner directly into the core Logic Pro application.
  • MainStage, Apple’s software for bringing virtual instruments and effects to live performances, is reportedly set to be spun out as a separate standalone application.
  •  Apple will not be incorporating a GarageBand-style user interface for the revamped application.

No details on availability or pricing for Logic Pro X are included in the report. 

Not especially exciting as rumors go, eh? What would you like to see in the next version of Logic Pro?

via AppleInsider

NAMM Show Rumors & Predictions

2011 Winter NAMM Show - The NAMM Show

The 2011 NAMM Show kicks off January 13 – but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some NAMM Show rumors!

The most reliable NAMM Show rumor so far is probably the M-Audio Venom synthesizer – a new virtual analog keyboard synth.

We’re also expecting to hear a lot more about the delayed, but anticipated, Elektron Octatrack and the Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

Other rumors we’ve heard:

  • Ableton Live 9 announcement – featuring 64-bit support, new effects, SoundCloud support and possibly a new synth;
  • Steinberg Cubase 6 will be introduced;
  • The Korg Kronos will require preparation in order to handle its amazingness;
  • Spectrasonics will update to its flagship virtual instruments;
  • Roland will release a new virtual analog with vintage 70’s styling;
  • Eventide Space Stompbox
  • A new DJ MIDI Controller from Reloop
  • The Waldorf Stromburg synthesizer might see the light of day
  • A new workstation that integrates with iPhone or iPod touch

Heard other NAMM Show rumors? Got predictions of your own?

Leave a comment and let us know!