SampleRobot Volca-X For Mac & Windows Now Available


SKYLIFE has released SampleRobot Volca-X – a new version of SampleRobot that’s designed to work with the Korg Volca Sample.

SampleRobot Volca-X is designed to let you:

  • play plug-in sounds on your Volca Sample,
  • sample vintage drum machines automatically,
  • slice all-in-one files,
  • store all your sample banks on hard disk,
  • rearrange sample slots,
  • use the stereo export options to mock stereo sample playback on the Volca Sample, etc.

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading

SampleRobot 4 Coming To Mac OS X

Developers have announced that the Windows sampling application SampleRobot Pro will soon be available for Mac OS X:

With SampleRobot 4 Pro you can easily do automatic sampling of acoustic and electronic instruments. It does not matter what you would like to sample: orchestral instruments, choir, organs, electric guitars, ethnic percussion, adlips, sound scapes, noises, MIDI gear, virtual instruments, alpenhorns or whatever, SampleRobot makes your sampling as fast and as satisfying as possible. It samples all sound nuances automatically and creates high-end sampled instruments in various formats. Seamless integrated WaveRobot software finds perfect loop points even for whole multi-samples with different velocity layers during recording. It was never easier to build professional sounding software instruments.

Special pricing for the Mac version of SampleRobot Pro is available for a limited time. See the site for more details.

SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite Announced

SampleRobot 4

Skylife has announced SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite, a collection of applications designed to automate sampling tasks.

SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite contains the following products:

  • SampleRobot 4
  • WaveRobot 4
  • Camel Audio Alchemy Player 1.2
  • Awave Studio 10.4, and
  • more than 1 GB of premium samples in Soundfont 2 file format.


With the Sampling Suite you can easily do automatic sampling of acoustic and electronic instruments. Remote control your MIDI gear and sample all sounds automatically. Integrated WaveRobot software lets you find loop points for whole multi-samples with different velocity layers during recording.

Import older sampler formats like Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Roland and Yamaha or even use original AKAI S1000 series CDs with Awave Studio and export them with SampleRobot to various software sampler formats. Or send new multi-samples back to your old hardware. You can convert about 290 audio file formats.

Alchemy Player is a powerful sampling synthesizer that offers a broad range of high end effects and sample playback features. With the newly created Alchemy Export Bridge you can export samples from SampleRobot directly to Alchemy and Alchemy Player. Play and shape instruments and samples instantly within your favorite DAW both on Mac and PC.

SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite comes with new export options like “Export all Projects at once” and “Export to Waldorf Blofeld”. SampleRobot and WaveRobot are optimized for Windows 7 and offer better Win7 performance than previous versions. Continue reading

NAMM Show: Skylife Releases SampleRobot 3


SampleRobot 3 will be publicly presented at the 2008 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, from the 17th to the 20th of January 2008.

With SampleRobot 3, musicians can create their own virtual musical instruments as well as sound and loop libraries. SampleRobot 3 includes Cakewalk’s Dimension LE software sampler, which is connected via a clever export bridge: SampleRobot’s exports automatically show up in the preset-browser of Dimension LE and can be played instantly as virtual instruments in any VST-host environment. SampleRobot 3 also contains WaveRobot 3, the professional loop editing audioware. Continue reading

Skylife releases Version 2.50 of SampleRobot, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot

Sample Robot 

Skylife has released version 2.50 of SampleRobot, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot.

Here’s the details:

SampleRobot is able to digitize any kind of instrument. When cloning MIDI gear, SampleRobot even works completely on its own. After connecting an instrument via MIDI and audio with the computer, SampleRobot will “suck out” the sounds from the unit. As desired SampleRobot can clone a whole synthesizer sound bank in one go. The good thing is that the user can export the “hardware instrument” as various software sampler formats after the sampling process. The user can play the new virtual instrument as if he would play the real instrument. Of course, one can clone the attack velocity characteristics of the original instrument as well. SampleRobot also enables the musician to transfer acoustic instruments and other instruments without MIDI very easily to the digital domain. User friendly, speedy and high quality – that’s SampleRobot.

Worldwide distribution of the new version 2.50 retail boxes of SampleRobot, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot is provided by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH and the dedicated international distribution partners. Distribution of the download versions is provided via the skylife shop. Continue reading

SampleRobot shipping

sample robotSKYLIFE SampleRobot V2.40, SKYLIFE SampleRobot Essentials V2.40 and SKYLIFE WaveRobot are now shipped worldwide by ESI Audiotechnik.

SampleRobot and WaveRobot offer unique functions to sample acoustic and electronic instruments fast and easily – so you can transfer real musical instruments very easily to the digital domain and then play them with any available software sampler.

On the enclosed SampleRobot installation DVD there is over 1080MB of high quality multi-sampled content taken from famous synthesizers in Soundfont2 format. It is possible to recreate those legends with almost every software sampler.

The new SampleRobot package contains a comprehensive printed operation manual.


  • SampleRobot® Version 2.40: 329 USD (Download version)
  • SampleRobot® Version 2.40: 339 USD (Retail version)
  • SampleRobot® Essentials Version 2.40: 113 USD (Download version)
  • SampleRobot® Essentials Version 2.40: 139 USD (Retail version)
  • SampleRobot® Essentials + WaveRobot Version 2.40: 169 USD (Download version)
  • WaveRobot: 79 USD (Download version)
  • WaveRobot: 99 USD (Retail version)

SampleRobot Update Lets You Clone Synths

Skylife has announced SampleRobot Version 2.40, software that lets you “clone” keyboard instruments and turn them into software instruments automatically.

SampleRobot works as a copying machine for instruments, featuring advanced recording and auto-loop searching algorithms. A futuristic graphical user interface gives you fast, efficient, and logical access to all sampling parameters. SampleRobot is also equipped with semi-automatic recording functions for sampling of acoustic instruments.

sample robot

New Functions

  • Auto-Loop for all: By using this function you can apply optimum loop settings intelligently from one sample to all other samples of a Multi-Sample or of a Project. This is a batch operation for Auto-Loop processes.
  • Auto-Note for all: This is a batch operation to truncate silence from all samples of a Multi-Sample or of a Project at the same time.
  • Tempo-based and beat-based marker editing: When editing loop markers, now you have a tempo and beat reference. You can see beat or tempo changing in real time when you move the markers.
  • Wusikstation SND Format Export: Users of the virtual instrument Wusikstation can now easily create content for the Wusikstation directly in SampleRobot and SampleRobot Essentials. Therefore the new Wusikstation export dialog was added. All sample mapping information will be transmitted automatically, so that you can play your SampleRobot instrument creation instantly with Wusikstation.
  • Tool Tips: From now on function descriptions, tips and operation instructions can be displayed when moving the mouse pointer over buttons and other areas of SampleRobot’s and SampleRobot Essentials’ graphical user interface. This is a quick help function not only for beginners.
  • Key-Samples Rearrangement: Now it is possible to move, copy and swap samples on the Virtual Keyboard of SampleRobot and SampleRobot Essentials simply with a drag&drop operation.
  • Remove Audio after Loop-Out: This option has been added to all export format dialogs. It helps to keep samples’ sizes small on your hard drive and also to save performance when loading Multi-Samples into your software sampler. When active, this function chops off all audio after the loop. This material would not be played anyway in most cases.
  • WaveRobot Waveform Zoom: The maximum Y-axis waveform zoom has been increased by factor 20 allowing precise “microscopic” waveform edits.
  • Selectable Skins: The appearance of SampleRobot’s and SampleRobot Essentials’ graphical user interface can now be modified by the user. At the moment there are 2 different skins available.
  • Optimized ASIO support: New features have been added to SampleRobot’s and SampleRobot Essentials’ audio engine to extend the support for various audio interfaces.
  • Render Loop only: This function is designed to export only the loops of samples (including crossfade rendering), for example to use them in Ableton’s Live.
  • Clean Selected Project / Clean selected Multi-Sample: With the help of this operation you can free disc space by erasing samples that are either not selected or that are located outside the keyboard range.

System Requirements:

  • Compatible with Windows XP (also Intel Macs with Bootcamp or Parallels Desktop for Mac software)
  • Supports all Windows plug and play MIDI and audio devices (WDM and ASIO support: up to 24 Bit, 192 kHz)
  • Stand-alone application
  • Minimum computer configuration: Pentium 3, 667 MHz, 512 MB RAM


  • SampleRobot Version 2.40: $329 (Download version, SKYLIFE Online Shop)
  • SampleRobot Essentials Version 2.40: $112.70 (Download version, SKYLIFE Online Shop)
  • SampleRobot Essentials + WaveRobot Version 2.40: $168.48 (Download version, SKYLIFE Online Shop)

More information is available at the SampleRobot site.