Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time, With Benny Benassi

This unofficial music video was directed by Brad Hasse, who hopes nobody will be offended, especially the people that own the copyrights to the music and the footage from the original Planet of the Apes:

Dear movie studio and Benny Benassi- this video is not intended for commercial use. It is simply a side project created for the fun of it. I like apes and monkeys, I like classic movies like this one, I like dance music, I like Benny Benassi, and I used to like glowsticks when I was 19… so I made this video.

If the usage of this footage or music for this artistic expression causes any issues with you, please contact me directly (info found easily at and I’ll take it down. But ever since this idea popped into my head, I couldn’t help but try to make it for the fun of it to see what it would look like if Charlton Heston found a few glowsticks, turntables, and an insatiable urge to dance. Since I work with some amazing graphics people, we decided to just give it a go. This is a result of that collaboration.


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The Sound Design Of Forbidden Planet, By Ben Burtt

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has shared a great video featuring sound designer Ben Burtt (Star Wars) discussing the sound design of the sci fi classic Forbidden Planet.

Forbidden Planet (1956) has an iconic soundtrack that was created by Louis & Bebe Barron.

In the video, Burtt demonstrates some of the hands-on techniques that the Barrons used in creating the soundtrack – techniques that have largely been left behind.

You can view it above, or via (right side of the page).

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Enter Vibratron – The RobOrchestra’s Robotic Vibraphone

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If you’re like us, you’re thankful the week passed without Skynet becoming self-aware and becoming our robot overlord.

We assume that means we’ve got a few more years to enjoy the progress being made with robotic musicians, like the Vibratron, a robotic vibraphone, and part of the CMU Robotics Club’s RobOrchestra.

Here’s what they have to say about the Vibratron:

Vibratron is one of the main RobOrchestra projects for the 2010-2011 year. After receiving $1000 in grant money from the Undergraduate Research Office in the form of a SURG and a donated vibraphone from a former member, the team began designing a robotic Vibraphone.

The overall vision for the project involves laying out the 30 vibraphone keys in a circular array and dropping steel ball bearings onto the keys in order to create music. While other more direct methods might have been more effective, the group opted to create a more unique piece of art.

The project is currently in the prototype stage, but the general layout has been designed. The robot will be composed of three main systems. One of the systems will dispense the balls onto the keys, one will collect the used balls and recycle them to be used again on a different note, and the third system will be the structure of the robot that hold the keys and all other systems together.

While the musical result doesn’t wow us yet – the Vibratron reminds us of the Animusic music videos of 90′s, which paired computer animated musical instruments with electronic compositions. Continue reading

Altair 4 – The SciFi Sounds Lab (Sneak Preview)

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H.G. Fortune has announced a new synth, Altair 4 – The SciFi Sounds Lab.

According to the company, the Altair 4 is for “spacey & wobbly stuff, drones and scapes i.e FX-sounds, and it is quite good at doing bell like sounds, too”. It’s inspired by the 1956 soundtrack to Forbidden Planet, by Louis and Bebe Barron. Continue reading