New Semi-Modular Synthesizer, The MEM PALette v2

Magic Echo Music has announced that it is taking ‘pre-orders’ for the PALette V2 – a semi-modular analog synthesizer that updates the original PALette.

Here’s what’s new:

The functions are mostly identical to the original PALette, the synth we love to make.

The changes in V2 are realized through the notable improvements in circuit board design and manufacturing.

We are proud of the improvements, as all PCB mounted hardware are quality parts and the build is durable and reliable for touring. We added internal compensation for room temperature, so that the voltage controlled oscillators are in tune wherever you are.

PALette V2 uses matched transistors so that you get improved tracking with external 1v/octave CV keyboards, and we moved the patch panel to the front, making an accessible interface with 1/4? cables.

 The MEM PALette v2 is available for pre-order for US $785. See the MEM site for details.

The Electronic Music Works EMW-200 Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

EMW 200 Synthesizer

Electronic Music Works has released these audio demos of their upcoming EMW-200 Electronic Sound Lab synthesizer.

The EMW-200 Electronic Sound Lab is conceived as an improved version of the vintage Electronic Sound Laboratories EML-200 synthesizer. The EML-200, introduced in 1969, was a synth sold primarily in the education market, but has been used since by Pere Ubu and others.

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Macbeth M5X Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer


Ken MacBeth has announced a new semi-modular analog synthesizer, the MacBeth M5X:

The M5X is due for launch some 8 – 10 weeks from now. I’m awaiting parts being manufactured and coming into the UK.

The M5 and M5N have proved to be popular- and I have had many enquiries over the past while requesting information on how to get a unit.

The M5N is now discontinued, but a new version with some different features is now on the horizon. Since I have been developing the circuits for the X-Factor synth- which has spawned some modular development- I have decided to vamp up the M5N taking it, too, to a different level.

All circuits within are being redesigned to the X-Series level that have been talked about elsewhere on this forum. For me, it’s an exciting challenge and I can’t wait for the result.

There are still a crew out there who want the semi-modular approach, normalised jack sockets and all…so keep looking. I hope to conclude a design for the 3U guys too…

No specs are up, yet, on the MacBeth site.

The MFB-KRAFTZWERG Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

The MFB-KRAFTZWERG is the semi-modular version of MFB’s Synth-II. It trades memory locations and MIDI-control off for 37 patch connectors that allow breaking and modifying the internal routing.

Put single KRAFTZWERG components under analog sequencer control or let the whole unit interact with your existing modular-synthesizer-system.


MFB-KRAFTZWERG works as a stand-alone synthesizer without the need to patch any cable. The classic formation of VCO-VCF-VCA is pre-wired internally, complete with essential modulations. Therefore, you can play the KRAFTZWERG just like any other synthesizer using its MIDI-input. In addition, it may integrate into a full analog environment using control voltages – and benefit, unlike MIDI, from infinite continuous parameter resolution.

MFB-KRAFTZWERG offers a complete set for powerful and versatile synthesis: three VCOs with hard-sync, 24-dB-lowpass-filter with resonance, noise generator, ring-modulator, two envelope-generators, two LFOs and VCA. Technically and soundwise KRAFTZWERG is identical to MFB’s euro-rack-modules. However, the MFB-KRAFTZWERG comes in a compact format that is easy to take with you and faster in use. Your ideal analog partner on stage!

The price is 580 Euro (incl. VAT plus 10 Euro shipping, cash on delivery).

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