Incident Tech Launches Sequence Music App

Incident, the startup behind the gTar smart guitar, today announced the launch of Sequence, their new music application, which allows the user to sample real world sounds and combine them with instruments to make music “on the go.”

Using an intuitive pattern grid, Sequence users can place their recorded samples on top of eighteen pre-loaded instruments in the app. Instruments included in the app, such as drums and piano, are pre-mapped to the same musical key, for ease in creating melodies that, Sequence developers say, “sound great without any knowledge of music theory.”
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HEXTEP Analog Style Live MIDI Step Sequencer (First Look)

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a first look at the HEXTEP MIDI Step Sequencer, a analog style step sequencer.

t’s got some interesting tricks up its sleeve, including a built in voice & speaker for setting up sequencers, MIDI effects and a Euclidean Rhythm mode.

Pricing and availability are to be announced, but we’ve got a video sneak preview, plust details below.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the HEXTEP!

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Sunday Synth Jam – A Little Berlin School On The Korg

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Sunday Synth Jam: It looks like Korgator is doing his part to keep the world safe for Berlin School synth jams.

Berlin School is like the classics of synth music – building on the early styles of Klaus Schulze & Tangerine Dream.

Here’s Korgator’s recipe for Time Run – Electronic Impressionen Part I:

  1. Start the Sequence/Arpeggiator from Oberheim OB 12
  2. Play the Sound from the Korg Mono Poly
  3. Effects come from Boss SX 700

Making A Sequence With A Modular Step Sequencer

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Martin Peters demonstrates step sequencing with a Doepfer MAQ16/3 & a Q60 step sequencer.

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iPad Matrix Synth, Aurora Sound Studio HD, Lets You Edit Instruments, Make Arrangements

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Remember when we said that the Apple iPad was going to “be the biggest music technology introduction of the year” (What The iPad Means For Music) and the consensus was that we were fanboys on crack? Continue reading

Giorgio Moroder Synth Jam

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mik300z makes a triumphant return to the Synthtopia Sunday Synth Jam with a Giorgio Moroder inspired electronic disco improv:

Based on “here to eternity”. This was all going swell until the ESQ1 drifted out of pitch near the end (not my bum notes for a change lol) Some Human league influence here too:)

It’s hard to overestimate the influence Moroder has had on electronic dance music, isn’t it?