Free Sequencing Sampler For Windows, CatchDad, Updated


Noisebud has released a new version of CatchDad, its performance sampling sequencer for Windows:

With CatchDad you can catch 4 different sounds with just the click of a button and instantly start to program rhythms with the built in step sequencers. The plugin is capable of building advanced rhythmic patterns with the different sequencer speed settings.

Here’s what’s new in CatchDad 2.5: Continue reading

HEXTEP Analog Style Live MIDI Step Sequencer (First Look)

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a first look at the HEXTEP MIDI Step Sequencer, a analog style step sequencer.

t’s got some interesting tricks up its sleeve, including a built in voice & speaker for setting up sequencers, MIDI effects and a Euclidean Rhythm mode.

Pricing and availability are to be announced, but we’ve got a video sneak preview, plust details below.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the HEXTEP!

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Voxkit Sound-Triggered Drum App For iPad (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

Secret Base Design has introduced Voxkit – a MIDI drum controller that lets you trigger notes with sound.

Clap your hands, tap a pencil on a desk, or use your voice, and Voxkit will detect the tone of the sound and trigger a sample from the app or a MIDI note. By listening to external sounds, rather than just the touch on a screen, Voxkit can capture velocity and rhythm variations.

You can also customize the sounds that Voxkit makes – add WAV format samples through iTunes File Sharing.

Availability and pricing are to be announced.

Bitwig Studio (Sneak Preview Demo)

YouTube Preview Image

Remember Bitwig Studio, the upcoming DAW created by some of the guys that created Ableton Live? The app that managed to get 60 votes in our recent DAW poll, despite being unreleased?

Bitwig Studio now moving into beta testing – and the developers posted this sneak preview video so you could get a better idea of what Bitwig is going to look like.

Check it out and let us know if you’re believing the hype!