Mutant Synth Pack Channels Iconic Synths

Today Sonic Faction debuted their new Mutant Synth Pack, a collection of classic synthesizers for Ableton Live. The pack features meticulously sampled iconic synths, reactivated from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The bundle includes new 3 instruments:

  • The Clone, based on the classic Roland SH-101
  • Puls8or, sampled from the notorious Waldorf Pulse+
  • and Rouge-One, modeled after the legendary Sequential Circuits PRO-ONE.

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Switched On Nutcracker

synthmas-synth-christmasFree Music Friday: Reader Thom Martin (The Hybiscus Journals) has completed several more tracks in his ‘Switched On Nutracker’ project.

Here’s what he’s got to say about the tracks:

All sounds for these tracks were created on either Moog Rogue or Sequential Circuits Pro-One analog monophonic synthesizers and performed into Logic Express 8. There are a couple of spots where I did take advantage of the Pro-One’s on-board sequencer, but everything else was played in by hand. No MIDI was involved.

All sounds got a bit of reverb in Logic, and some of the noodly harp type parts also got a bit of delay or echo.

Here’s The Waltz of the Flowers:

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The Sequential Circuits Pro-One Synthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

This video is a ‘voyage into the heart of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One, by Marko Ettlich.

Key features of the SCI Pro One include:

  • monophonic analog synthesis
  • 2 Osc I Saw, Pulse, Square, Sync, Noise
  • Filter – 24dB lowpass
  • Crossmodulation, FM
  • Step sequencer, arpeggiator

While the build quality and the options on the Pro One are inferior to some vintage monophonic synths, the Pro One was cheap, powerful and sounds great and is, to many users, a classic.

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Open Mic: What’s Your Favorite Piece Of Gear?

modular synthesizer motm moog

Open Mic: What’s your favorite piece of electronic music making gear?

If you had to sell your gear to pay the bills, what would be the last thing to go?

Maybe your favorite gear is the first real synth you got. Or maybe your favorite piece of gear is something you had to wait and save to be able to buy.

Maybe it’s the instrument that best lets you express yourself.

Or maybe it’s a garage sale find, that you still can’t believe you stumbled upon.

If you asked me the question, I’d probably answer that my favorite piece of gear is my large format modular synth, because I built most of the modules myself, because it’s a joy to use, and because its capabilities seem to be infinitely deep.

Catch me on another day, though, and I might answer that my favorite piece of gear is my first ‘real’ synth, a Sequential Circuits Pro-One. When I first brought it home, I couldn’t keep my hands off it for hours, it sounded so fantastic. And I couldn’t believe that I actually owned it……

What’s your favorite piece of electronic music making gear? And why?

Image: Peter Gorges

Vintage Keyboard Synth Jam

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a synth jam, via Retrosound, that explores old-school synth style with vintage synths.

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Live Space Music Of Craig Padilla

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live space music synth performance, State of Mind, by American ambient artist Craig Padilla.

via synthwiz:

STATE OF MIND – This is the opening song to Craig Padilla’s February 2000 “Music for the Mind” performance at the historical State Theater in Red Bluff, CA.

This benefit concert (for the State Theater and Red Bluff Skate Park) featured Padilla’s vintage analog and digital synthesizers, as well as a cool light show from Morpheus Lighting.

Switched On Nutcracker – Tchaikovsky’s Arabian Dance On A Pro-One

Here’s a free holiday-themed music download – the Hybiscus Journals’ version of the Arabian Dance from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite:

For those interested in that sort of thing, all sounds were created on a Sequential Circuits Pro-One.

The cello/bass ostinato was programmed into the Pro-One’s onboard sequencer.  All other parts were played live (one at a time, of course) into Logic Express 8.