Dave Smith Intros Prophet 12 Synthesizer Module – ‘The Ultimate In Synthesis Power & Portability’


Dave Smith Instruments today officially introduced the Prophet 12 Module – the power and sound of the Prophet 12 Keyboard, in a synth module.

Each of the Prophet’s twelve voices is composed of a brand new hybrid digital/analog architecture that sounds different than any other DSI line of synths, yet ‘retains the true Prophet vibe’.

Here’s Dave Smith introducing the Prophet 12 Module: Continue reading

Unofficial Prophet 600 Update Adds ‘Tons Of Features’

sequential-circuits-prophet-600Reader Goat Monster let us know about an unofficial firmware upgrade for the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 that adds a lot of features, including greater resolution for sound parameters, faster envelope generators, new LFO function generator, advanced MIDI in control and more.

Here’s what the Prophet 600 firmware update offers: Continue reading

Dave Smith & Roger Linn Interview

This video, via DJ Tech Tool’s Ean Golden, captures a recent interview with electronic music pioneers Dave Smith (the Prophet V, MIDI) and Roger Linn (the LinnDrum, the MPC).

The interview focuses on the key technologies that Linn & Smith have been involved with and their uses for making electronic music.