Serato Remote Turns iPad Into Plug & Play Remote For Serato Live, Serato DJ


Serato has released its for app for iPad, Serato Remote, designed to compliment an existing Scratch Live or Serato DJ setup.

Serato Remote connects to your Serato laptop software and will work with all supported Scratch Live and Serato DJ hardware. It lets you control Cue Points, Loops and Samples and manipulate FX, without needing to touch your laptop.

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Numark Announces Serato-compatible DJ Controllers

numark-ns7-dj-controllerNumark has announced that Serato DJ is now compatible with the following Numark DJ controllers:

  • NS7
  • NS7FX
  • Mixdeck
  • Mixdeck Express

Serato DJ is already compatible with Numark’s Mixtrack Pro and Mixtrack Pro II. Compatibility with their NS6 four-channel DJ controller was announced in February and is available as a free upgrade for NS6 owners. Continue reading

Novation Twitch Review

novation twitch dj controller

It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of DJ controllers over the last 10 years.

As more and more DJs become ‘digital natives’, DJ software and DJ controllers are breaking away from the two turntable interface tradition and are exploring the possibilities of two digital audio channels.

‘The world of the DJ and controllerist are colliding,” is how Novation puts it and they’ve come up with a new DJ controller with that collision in mind.

novation twitch touchstripThe Novation Twitch, aka ‘The Touchstrip Controller’, is one of the latest examples of this trend towards controllers designed for ‘digital native’ DJing.

Instead of focusing on mixing two turntables or analog tracks, the Twitch is designed for live remixing and controllerism. And, instead of turntable-style scratch controls, the Twitch features 8 trigger pads and a touchstrip controller on each channel.

Notable Twitch Features:

  • Twin touchstrips let you ‘grab hold’ of your tracks and swipe them back and forth, like touchscreen scratching
  • Two 8-pad banks of trigger pads let you trigger cues, loops, etc.
  • Slicer Mode – lets you chop tracks into slices and rearrange them on the fly, while staying in sync
  • Built in audio interface – the Twitch has a 2 in, 4 out USB audio interface and a headphone amp.
  • Comes with Serato Itch Professional
  • 1-to-1 Control In ITCH – Dedicated controls for all ITCH performance functions.
  • USB Bus-powered
  • MIDI Compatible – controls any DJ software, such as Traktor or Ableton Live.

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Serato Video Now Available

Serato has released Serato Video – a software plug-in for Scratch Live and ITCH that lets you manipulate video playback with Serato Control Vinyl, CDs or an ITCH Controller.


  • Add video clips to your Scratch Live or ITCH performance.
  • View loaded clips and output from your computer.
  • Manipulate playback with Serato control records, CDs or with your ITCH controller of choice.
  • Use built in transitions and effects including text and image effects.
  • Enrich your set with audio responsive effects, including bass zoom and splits, that are controlled by analyzing the music signal.
  • Preview and manage video files in both the ITCH and Scratch Live offline players.
  • Use Video Instant Doubles to play the same video and effects on a second deck.
  • Store effects within each video file for instant recall.
  • Setup different output configurations (Output Only, L/R prefader or all 3 outputs) for greater flexibility when video mixing externally.
  • Utilize 3rd party controllers with Serato Video’s MIDI control in Scratch Live.

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The Reloop Terminal Mix 4 Serato Edition – Too Hot To Wait For NAMM?

Reloop Terminal Mix 4 Serato Edition

The 2012 NAMM Show news is coming hot and heavy already and it seems that some manufacturers are getting a little trigger-happy.

Will there be any news left next week? You’ll have to stop by Wednesday to find out.

Anyway – the latest ‘too hot to wait for NAMM’ news comes from Reloop – who just announced Reloop Terminal Mix 4 Serato Edition, a 4-Deck performance controller for Serato with integrated interface.

Details below.

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Serato ITCH 2.1 – Here’s What’s New

YouTube Preview Image

Serato Itch 2.1 is now available at the Serato site. The latest version features enhancements and bug fixes for all Serato ITCH users.

Here’s what’s new in Serato Itch 2.1:

  • Simple Sync mode added for two deck controllers – For quick and easy matching of the tempo and beats of two tracks playing simultaneously.
  • SP-6 Hardware control.
  • Increased SP-6 Sample Player power, with the addition of hardware controls for each ITCH controller to trigger samples with controller cue point buttons.

Note: New meta data created in Itch 2.1 will not be able to be read in older versions.

Kontrol Surface 1974 (NAMM Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

Smithson Martin will be introducing Kontrol Surface 1974 at the 2012 NAMM Show.

The Kontrol Surface 1974 is a new Emulator Modular multi-touch controller. It was originally designed as a DJ controller, but you can now build your own custom multi-touch layouts to use with any MIDI software.

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Serato DJ Intro

YouTube Preview Image

Serato Audio Research has released Serato DJ Intro, a new DJ app designed to work with selected hardware controllers, available now as a free download.

The Serato DJ Intro video tells you pretty much nothing about the app – but it looks like it’s basically designed to be an entry-level version in Serato’s DJ software line, to be packaged with hardware controllers.  Continue reading