iVardensphere’s Interesting View On Music Gear (Totally NSFW)

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NSFW: Gear videos may never be the same after iVardensphere’s Interesting View On Music Gear. 

IVardensphere is a Canadian band that mixes tribal drums with ‘pounding analogue synths’.

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Probe:2 The Quadslope Compilation

Serge Modular Compilation

The Serge lovers at Quadslope.com have announced another free album of electronic music that features a heavy dose of Serge Modular goodness, Probe:2 The Quadslope Compilation.

Here’s what they have to say about the new album:

We are proud to report word of a new transmission received from the Quadslope Probe as it slides effortlessly through the abyss. This one comes from an unorganized thought void of time or light. The Probe and it’s sensors have been re-calibrated to listen only mode. These are the raw, unmixed, and unedited sounds that are captured in real time therein. The trained ear can isolate Punch and Judy, flowing Banana Beards, and an excitable T-Rex, chomping on rocks amidst the jungles and woodlands of an indescribable origin.

Download Probe:2 The Quadslope Compilation at the Quadslope site.

Why We Love The Serge Modular Synthesizer

Klaus Gstettner put together this three-part tutorial that shows why he loves the Serge – and how to get some sound out of a Serge Modular with only one 8step SequencerA and a clock. Continue reading

Extreme Serge Video For Synth Lovers Only

Saturday Synth Porn: HexEnduction‘s Serge Gator and Creature video takes a deliciously fetishistic look at the details of a Serge modular synthesizer, with long, lingering macro close-ups of lurid synth action.

For synth lovers only.

Enjoy it, while we go turn on a fan.

Serge M-Class Modular Synth Fetish Fix

Here’s a Saturday Synth Porn fix for those of you with a Serge fetish: A Serge M-Class modular system, featuring Quadslope, Creature, SQP and Gator M-odules.

Delay provided by 2 Malekko 600 Bright pedals. Shot on Kodak Zi6 in macro.

Serge Modular Synth Porn

This is the Serge SQP by Sound Transform Systems and the VC Tabla module by Cynthia. The sequencer is controlling various parts of the Creature and Gator M-odules.

Serge SSG Patch Programing

The Serge Smooth / Stepped Generator is very deep.

Here are a handful of patches that highlight some of the functions that can be performed through patch programming the different sections of this module.

For more info and patching ideas see the SSG Hi jinx pages at serge-fans.com.