Extreme Serge Video For Synth Lovers Only

Saturday Synth Porn: HexEnduction‘s Serge Gator and Creature video takes a deliciously fetishistic look at the details of a Serge modular synthesizer, with long, lingering macro close-ups of lurid synth action.

For synth lovers only.

Enjoy it, while we go turn on a fan.

The Serge Audio Matrix Mixer M-odule


Synthesist Bakis Sirros sends word, via the synth forum, of a new Serge M-odule, the Audio Matrix Mixer M-odule:

it contains (from left to right):

an ac-coupled Matrix Mixer, a Dual VCA (both ac-coupled) and another Dual VCA (also both vca’s ac-coupled).

price is 1600 usd.

the audio matrix mixer module includes an extra attenuator in each of its 4 inputs, to control the amount of each sonic element that is applied to ALL 4 output mixes of the matrix.

also, inputs one and two include a phase inverting and muting switch.

so, just imagine the possibilities with this new m-odule…

for example, by mixing 3 audio sources (from NTO’s, PCO’s, DSG’s, etc…) and using the 4th matrix mixer input to create feedback (after processing one mix of these 3 audio sources with another Serge sonic mangler) and also using the 4 ac-coupled vca’s to introduce organic AM into your patches (either in the inputs or outputs of various devices), the tonal complexity you could achieve will be limitless…

If you’ve used the Serge Audio Matrix Mixer M-odule, leave a comment with your thoughts on it.

Serge Gator Synthesizer Gear Porn

YouTube Preview Image

This is the Serge Gator M-odule by Sound Transform Systems. All sound was generated by the Gator and Creature.

This is one patch with 4 different passes, each slightly tweaked. A touch of delay was added by the Moog MF104.

Shot with a Kodak Zi6 in Macro.

via hexenduction