What’s the Sexiest Musical Instrument?


Here’s one more reason not to trust corporate news media: CBS News reports that, according to their 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair music poll, the guitar is the sexiest instrument to play, followed by the saxophone and the piano.

The synthesizer did not even make their list. How is that even possible? Continue reading

Is Dance Music Sexist? And Whatever Happened To Rave Utopia?

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Is dance music sexist?

That’s the focus of a multi-website discussion that’s erupted in the last few days, with some writers lamenting the state of electronic dance music and it’s frequent focus on sex and, at least according to some, misogynistic views of women.

The Quietus’s Angus Finlayson writes:

Throughout the heydays of disco, house and techno, clubs were places where working class, gay and ethnic minority groups could enjoy a freedom of expression denied to them in the ‘outside’ world.

The political value of the dancefloor was in the construction of a social space where the rigid divisions of dominant culture ceased to apply. Gender, sexuality, race – they were irrelevant when subjected to the carnival of sound, light and substances.

Finlayson goes on to argue that those egalitarian days are gone, asking “What ever happened to rave utopia?”:

It’s fairly common these days to see images of conventionally attractive women being used to promote music from a scene which is supposedly mistrustful of ‘image’.

This is soft porn with a sheen of arty respectability…..

Finlayson goes on to note that, out of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ List for 2011, 0 out of the 100 were women.

Is dance music becoming more and more sexist?

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Sexy Instrument Looks Like It Was Left By Aliens

This is a quick demo of Yuri Suzuki’s Urushi Musical Interface – a gorgeous electronic music controller that looks a bit like it was left behind by aliens for Jean Michel Jarre to play.

The Urushi Musical Interface is a project for Collacqueration: Designed in the UK – Lacquered in Japan exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in the UK.  The instrument is a touch panel musical interface which “uses principle of gold inlay.”

Check it out and let me know what you think of it! Would you give up a more traditional keyboard to try something new like this? Continue reading

Imogen Heap On The Eigenlabs’ Eigenharp

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This official Eigenlabs video takes a look at Imogen Heap and her thoughts on the new electronic instrument, the Eigenharp.

via eigenlabs:

Imogen Heap is an award winning artist with Ivor Novello and Grammy awards to her name. Respected among her peers and adored by her fans, she truly embraces both modern technology and traditional instruments in her creative process.

We met in ‘the hideaway’, her home studio….

The Sexy Keytar Babe You Asked For – And Her Man-Candy Counterpart

When we added the new Synthtopia Submit A Story form, we thought it would be a great way to let readers submit tips and story ideas.

Instead, we get this:

“I just wanted to see more of that sexy keytar babe.”

Well – you asked for it.

Here’s keytar babe of the decade Marina Tsigonaki with her Yamaha SHS-10 keytar: Continue reading

Dalek Goes On A Dance Music Rampage

Production designer Michael Bednark created the Dancebuster 3000 – a sort of dance music Dalek – for DeeLux’s Hot Hot Hot.

D16 Group Intros Syntorus Analog Chorus Effect


D16 Group has introduced Syntorus Double Path Analog Chorus:

D16 set out to create a plugin which would have a rich analogue chorus similar to the effect found on classic synthesisers like the Solina, Synthex or Juno. This new effect is called Syntorus and is the latest addition to the Silver Line of plugins.

Syntorus has a unique sound which will add richness to any instrument it is used on. Synthetic basses and leads will come to life. It will also add extra depth and lushness to acoustic instruments.

Here are a few examples of Syntorus in action:

Syntorus will be available January 11, 2010 in Mac AU & VST and Windows VST formats,  and will be priced at 35 Eur.

Note: Syntorus sounds good, but gratuitously 3D ads for a virtual instruments went out in 2009.

Download This Amazing Free iPhone App – And Have An Eyegasm

If you have an iPhone, go download Glenn Marshall’s free psychedelic video app, Zio (App Store link) now.

Zio is an interactive generative visualizer from computer animator and software designer Glenn Marshall that creates psychedelic, sensual visuals that react to ambient audio and to your actions:

  • Use drag and pinch to pan, move and rotate through space.
  • Pause / play, save snaphots to your photo library.
  • Switch on audio reactive visuals (for devices with mic only).
  • Comes with 3 unique preset Zio worlds.
  • Shake to shuffle between presets.

Download Zio, crank up some music, interact with a bit and you’ll start to see how deep the app is. Continue reading